Friday, October 02, 2009

GC Monaco 0 V Wellington Paris 0

Miron says they are Monaco. Monaco? Monaco?

Why do we need this in the A-League? Only 4,000 fans now - friends and family of the players. What is Jason Culina thinking playing for this rabble? What if they had opened the A-League season?

And Wellington dominated the game. Should have won if Leo Bertos could shoot as well as he can run with the ball.

Culina was playing in this game, not that you would have noticed.

Pim was watching. I wonder what he was thinking? 'I told you so Jason?'

I hope Brisbane rubbish them next week. There is no point to Gold Coast. Their entry has turned fans off.

Monaco? Miron meant great team, no fans. Should gone to the FFA with that, could have saved us all the trouble.


Hamish said...

Ouch. Didn't watch it but the unfolding stats on the net gave the impression that you confirm.

If the Roar doesn't do the job on them next week, we'll be eating the words though. The prospect might even get a few extra punters to the game.

orangecrush said...

Perhaps Palmer is thinking of establishing a Principality .... and Miron is angling for the role of Court Jester?

orangecrush said...

Don't forget - population of GC is only about half a million - therefore as a percentage of population they are drawing more than other teams e.g. Sydney, Brisbane et al

john said...

Nice try Mr Orangecrush - what about Townsville with a population of 80,000 getting 8,000 crowds? It shows that GC have done no market development at all and exposes FFA's strategy as 'built it and they will come.'

There is something more at play here than crowd size. Soccer is caught in the middle between AFL, Fox Sports and a billionaires play thing.

By the way, Culina is quoted in the Courier Mail as saying Pim was right about the poor standard of the A-League. Does he realise he is talking about himself?

Thanks Hamish. I expect Gold Coast to play their best game against us. After all this is all about Miron's 'get square' with the Roar.