Sunday, January 01, 2012

Brisbane 3 v Melbourne 1 - attack of the killer Broiches

Rocky Visconte was the man of this match. Not because he was the best player, but because he played so much better than he has before. Ange starting him over Issy added new Broich like movement to the Roar on attack. For the first time in 5 games, Brisbane had a midfield that was always searching forward, looking to beat the first defender and so drawing the second across and creating space elsewhere. Visconte, like Broich at his most influential, expertly cut inside. Without Adrian Leijer, Victory often fell for this and opened up space for Nichols. After weeks of frustration, Besart Berisha played an incredible back-to-goal game. His work rate in Brisbane's humidity is also amazing. And if he doesn't get the ball the first time, he will be chasing for and getting it the second or third time. Besart's footwork was Broich-like, creating space and opportunity inside and outside the Victory box. His reward was creating goals for Visconte and Franjic. A 3-4-3 formation, at last the response to physical, high pressing game, allowed both Franjic and Steffanutto to create and become threats on goal. And off the TV camera: - Carlos Hernandez looked slow and overweight. He was easily over-run by the Roar defence for his one opportunity. When substituted in around the 65 Minute, he walked off from around the Roar penalty box, kicking over a Victory bench chair and kicking a drink bottle onto the pitch. Surely the bad tempered Allsopp or speedy Cernac will be favoured soon? - Initially, Fox thought Mitch Nichols (who brilliantly played through injury) was making signs at the Victory bench. But from ground level it was clear that he was jestering was to someone in the crowd. However, Kevin Muscat, as usual, thought it was about him and held onto Mitch's head after the game, despite Mitch's explanation. When will Muscat be gone from the game? Anyway, great response from the Gold Coast 'training game.'