Sunday, January 31, 2010

Muscat let off

Looks like Kevin Muscat will escape match review scrutiny despite his vicious elbow attack to Jason Culina's head.

A-League fans should expect referee and review panel impracticality. Muscat's strike seemed to be premeditated. However, he is critical to Melbourne's champaign.

Friendless Steve Pantelidis was not as lucky and can expect to sit out the rest of the season.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Adam Sarota had his best game yet...

Brisbane 1 v Sydney 0: Dominant Roar smash weakened Sydney

Make no mistake Brisbane dominated this match.

Sydney put up a half baked performance dominated by basic errors by Brosque and Aloisi. The performance from Pieter Collen was sublime. Ham stood up and claims the keeper jersey for next year. Oar was brilliant as were Zullo and Devere. Henrique looks back to his rocketing best. Why wasn't his return promoted? Matt McKay as Captain was sublime.

Poor old Steve Corica. Time to retire. Should have gone to the Fury.

It is a shame that other teams are not judged by the standards that the Roar have been judged by this year.

Sydney can thank Clint Bolton and the ref that the scoreline was not embarrassing. 3 or 4 to Brisbane would have been fair from this game.

Brisbane outplayed Sydney. And Sydney relied heavily on the long ball to try and catch the Roar defence off guard. So much for fancy European coaches.

I read a report from Sportal - it was like the guy wasn't even watching the game. But for some very very suspect referring, Sydney would have ended the game with 9 men.

A keeper handling the ball outside the box is a straight red. So in the 30th minute it was amazing to watch the ref wave play on when the Roar caught Bolton outside his box and having to push the ball away. Later, Bolton's skills would keep his team in the game.

In the 2nd half the ref, Michael Hester, missed a clear hand ball penalty.

In the middle of the second half Hester forgave a thuggish Shannon Cole a very late professional foul on Michael Zullo.

Perhaps some decisions have been made about making Sydney look good this season and keep the best squad on the park for the finals. However, it left a bitter taste in Brisbane fans mouths to watch dodgy decision after decision. Ange was just about having a fit. FFA should consider investigating the refereeing of this match.

Meanwhile, Sydney fans were raided by the police several times and were chaperoned by ground security through the match.

This could be the last time, could be the last time, but I don't know...

Kind of a strange feeling. The Roar has dropped off the radar of the sports watching public in Brisbane. It isn't because of their position on the table. It is more the vibe. Or lack of it. It is very hard to image that there will be 10,000 there this afternoon. Probably more likely 5,000. The club has dropped from the coverage of a rugby league team, to a union team and now to a basketball team (of which there is none locally).

Still I'm hoping against hope that the team will put on a good performance. They have been written off by all the critics, all seem to expect a Sydney team - with everything to play for to win.

Still, if only for tonight I'd like to be optimistic. They would only need to finish the majority of their passes. And find something in front of goal.

What is truly amazing is the damage the club has done to its brand and reputation this season. It just shows that you build a reputation with time but destroy it quickly - pay in with cents and withdraw with dollars.

My feeling is that this will be the last chance to see play many of the players that have made up the club over the last few years. So why not... we could win.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Gold Coast 1 v Melbourne 0: Thug park

Zenon Caravella scored a great goal to show his class.

The rest of the game was just thuggery.

FFA has sacrificed a Brisbane based team for the Gold Coast. And in doing so exchanged the regular 20,000 to 30,000 crowd of Queensland v Sydney for 7,000 + 3? tomorrow. FFA financed advertising for this game but not tomorrows. It is a sad state of affairs.

Steve Pantelidis can expect 4 weeks from the match review panel for his way way off the ball elbow to Robbie Kruse's head. And, if there is justice, Kevin Muscat will get the same for his attack on Jason Culina's head.

So why aren't these teams hammered and crippled and forced to get a new coach the way Brisbane was? Why shouldn't they have to let go their top 5 players to opposition teams?

Shane Smeltz is about on Muscat's level.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Brisbane v Sydney Saturday 6pm - last home game, last game at Suncorp?

I suspect the FFA has been channelling money into Brisbane. This match is critical to the future of the club. Season ticket holders will already be considering next year's investment.

The club is using its limited resources to go out in style.

Next season it is clear that more must be done to win over the local press that seems to spend more time promoting Gold Coast that the Brisbane club.

Much will hinge on the ability of the FFA to broker a new owner to take at least control, probably 100%.

A sour Robbie Fowler exit could impact all clubs ability to hire overseas players next year. And the Roar needs to buy a massive overseas player to catch the attention of a market that has clearly now turned away.

Without major changes there doesn't seem to be much point to the Club returning to Suncorp. Most fans have already factored in a move to Ballymore or QE2. Suncorp has done little for the club and less for the fans - while being a great place for away teams to play and the FFA to boost about. Still, any move will make travel to games harder for many fans and gate-take numbers should be expected to fall again.

Come Play Shirts: Adrian CACERES in the lead with $860

This is so far:
Robbie Fowler 2nd with over $500 even though he didn't even wear it!

Adriano Pellegrino has $415 way ahead of some much higher paid players.
Some surprisingly low bids for some shirts and some surprises.

Gold Coast looks very cheap (even for their shirts)
If Charlie Miller had stayed Roar he would be attracting more than $120., or Moore at $87.
Matt McKay looks a bargain at $80.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Matt McKay - key link for a Brisbane team

Matt McKay had a good game leading the team against Fury.

It will be a backward step for Brisbane if his agent is doing more than trying to force his exit by claiming the Roar may sell him at the end of the season. If McKay leaves it will be very unlikely that a Brisbane local will captain the team into the foreseeable future.

The club knows that Australian players will be at a premium next year as 11 teams ensure they have 18 locals. Its ranks of locals are looking thin. Only 5 of the current squad grow up in Brisbane, and of those only 2 get regular starts. Is this a factor in the low level of support the Roar attracts from local clubs?

The development of Brisbane as a club owned by local fans and embraced locally requires that it can show that players have come up through the local ranks - and local schools - to play for the local team. It will also be vital to have players who have grown up in Brisbane. Without locals who can demonstrate star quality, Brisbane has little prospect of developing the grass roots support they covet.

Brisbane Roar locals:

- Matt McKay
- Isaka Cernak
- Tim Smits
- Michael Zullo
- Andrew Packer (Ipswich)

Murdocca, Devere and Franjic are from Melbourne.

McCloughan was born in Sydney and lived on the Gold Coast as did Griffin McMaster, Tommy Oar, Mitch Nichols, and David Dodd.

Matt Ham and Adam Sarota are from North Queensland.

Matt Mundy is from Canberra.

Brisbane must already buy 3 to 5 average quality Australian passport holders next year without considering who else may leave. With a year on his contract, and so few quality Australian players available to buy, can Brisbane really afford to let Matt McKay go?

Fury 1 v Brisbane 1: Williams hand ball robs Brisbane

With the caveats that it was the Fury and it was boiling hot Townsville, Brisbane played well last night and were unlucky not to win.

Matt Ham looked solid in goals and Luke DeVere had a man-of-the-match performance. DeVere was saving the Roar at one end and creating chances at the other (and scoring). He has more than filled Craig Moore's shoes. Ivan Franjic has consolidated something new and exciting to the right side of defence. And Michael Zullo had a better performance on the left. Pieter Collen is getting really tested with the weather conditions, but looks to have added the necessary skills and experience to the back line. Aside from the 5 minutes leading up to the goal, the Brisbane back line were dominant.

The Fury goal was an embarrassment for the A-League as David Williams clearly used his left arm to control and guide the ball down to his feet. In the post France v Ireland world this manoeuvre seems to be good if you can get away with it.

Steven Bryce looks the goods. While he was a little soft in his approach to an opportunity in the opening minutes and another in the middle of second, he created well for Brisbane and looks capable of opening up teams for Reinaldo and Van Dijk.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fowler leaving? Breaking news

NQ Fury coach Ferguson asked Robbie Fowler to start on the bench tonight against Brisbane. Instead Fowler decided to make himself unavailable to play.

Currently he is siting watching the game from the stands.

Earlier this week it was reported that his wife is not happy in Townsville.

Adelaide robbed

What a joke. 2-0 up at home in the second half on a Tuesday night and Fife concedes a free kick and gets sent off. Perth scores from the free kick and go on to win 2-3. Later the FFA match committee rescind the red card. Whoops what about Adelaide's season? and the other teams that would have benefited from Perth not getting all 3 points?

Perth 2 v Wellington 0

Shame that Dadi didn't play like this for Wellington against the Roar. Last night he may have made the worst penalty attempt in A-League history - just tapped it back to Tando.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Miron has done his damage to the Roar as a club this season. Yesterday wrote his 'it wasn't me, I didn't want this' piece in the Courier Mail. Clearly he is laughing at the Roar and doing more damage. It is surprising that the FFA allows this type of behaviour. But then it has become clear that Gold Coast is bigger and more powerful than the A-League and the FFA. And another reason for the Roar's position.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Brisbane fans...

... appear like they have lost an old friend. Found them again. But found that they have changed to someone almost unrecognisable except for their appearance.

It is somewhat strange to read the forums like the comments pages on Four Four Two to see 5 pages of fans trying to express how they feel about the club and its decision making. For many people it is bigger than a team no longer entertaining. It is a new type of entertainment. A frustration to remember what was, but to see what now is.

Ange's comments demonstrate that the club is hearing, if not listening.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Melbourne 6 v Perth 2

Just Brisbane's luck - lets 4 very popular players go mid season and they walk straight into starting line-ups at better performing clubs. Robbie Kruse got 3 goals here.

How long before Perth starts to think Coach Mitchell is part of the problem? Great squad, poor results.

Brisbane 0 v Newcastle 2: Brisbane far too predictable

Brisbane's 4-4-2 looks old fashioned. A-League defences learnt how to deal with that seasons ago and recruited back fours to cut it down. Newcastle were particularly good at that last night and rarely did Brisbane look threatening - even with Zullo, and in the second half, Zullo and Oar on the left dipping in cross after cross. The two up front were taken out of the game. Newcastle hit Brisbane twice on the counter and it was all over.

Ange hasn't worked out how to play Van Dijk and Reinaldo without making both ineffectual.

Unfortunately, the interest last night was in the 20-20 cricket where Queensland won.

At the end of the game Ange said the state of the team was his responsibility, that they were trying to win and that they should be judged by what they are like by next season. The challenge for him is attracting quality Australian players playing overseas or from other clubs (that is still an open question as all the recruitment so far is foreign). Ange needs to attract Australians of the highest calibre.

Unfortunately, current performances are impacting decision making by fans for next year. And fans feel they have waited 5 years for a team to emerge that can win at Lang Park. The FFA have hammered Brisbane for 'losing' their fans and not connecting with the Brisbane community. Well, the club doesn't have the resources for that. And after 5 years of results the job is much harder not easier.

The idea that a fan should be rusted on through thick and thin ignores that their supporting traditions have routes in other clubs and, often, other sports. It also ignores that this is the entertainment business and fans need to feel that they leave a match entertained. A very large part of this entertainment is the community of the fan base. The FFA's admission of 2 other Queensland teams seriously splintered than fan base. How many years before rugby league in one of its heartlands had 3 Queensland teams that were viable?

I am not sure what it is like at other clubs, but the Brisbane promotion machinery is over-stretched. I gather a lot of fans have given the Roar a go, not been entertained at Lang Park and started (returned to) following other sports. 20-20 cricket - with Queensland locals playing in one of the strongest teams and regularly winning at home - is a significant threat to any soccer growth here. Yet the risk in going to a smaller stadium is that even less people find it convenient to get there. Most people, even Ben Buckley, now think we will find out.

As to the match, Newcastle said afterward that they had been prepared to loose to Gold Coast knowing that they could beat Brisbane. And that is what it looked like.

Pieter Collen was the best player on the park over 90 minutes. I agree with him that he is better than Craig Moore. But some of his back line cohorts are not up to this level. In the first half Newcastle were thuggish deliberately targeting Mass Murdocca's knee and getting away with it. The first goal could have been offside. The penalty was very soft. The referee didn't support the home side. Fans at Lang Park have hardened to all that.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Brisbane v Newcastle

Tomorrow night's result - 8pm local time - may dictate crowd numbers for what normally is the game of the season (v Sydney). But there is a lot of water under the bridge since last year.

Surprised that the talk is Franjk out for Pieter Collen. Collen talking big. he needs to. The club needs something to go their way.

Courier mail coverage under-whelming compared to off season coverage of non-stories from rugby league. Shows what A-League is up against.

Adelaide 1 v CCM 1

Not an inspiring game. In fact a hard slog to watch. CCM got a soft penalty should only really be given to home teams. Good goal from Adelaide.

Despite the closeness of the table a clear gulf in the A-League this year - with little prospect of repair. Adelaide expected to have a new owner by the new season - maybe even by the time of their ACL games. Hard to see that going well. It will likely be down to Melbourne to carry the flag.

Wellington 3 v NQ Fury 0

Fury need to make their home of heat and humidity what Wellington has made of the cold and rain. Almost unplayable conditions, but Wellington took their chances where Fury did not. Is Robbie still happy?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gold Coast 2 v Newcastle 0

Jason Culina wanted to win this and played like it. In the first half GC played one touch football in possession, 65%, and closed everything down from the Jets.

Newcastle's keeper copped a foot in the face from Shane Smeltz to break his nose and battled on till half time dripping blood.

Both goals in the first half, Culina straight in low and had from the left and James Brown got his first from a 1, 2 from Culina and a great finish.

Michael Bridges and Charlie Miller also only made half way with aggravations to injuries.

Second half was GC stopping Newcastle getting near the goal - apart from one attack where Jess V was taken our and Djubo stopped Matt Thompson twice from short range.

Brisbane v Newcastle - the last chance?

Really is a must win for Brisbane against a Newcastle team that should be tired.


That Courier Mail decided to bury the most positive story of the year for the Roar - the signing of Pieter Collen. It was at the bottom of a page just before the horse racing with no picture. You had to wade through things like full pages on the NRL, and stories on union to get there...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Much ado with the FFA

"We've supported the club both with marketing assistance and some direct funding - that's not a situation we want to continue forever," FFA chief executive Ben Buckley said last night.

"What the club has to do is create a strategic and business plan for the future which addresses their issues.

"The board has to do that, the chief executive (Peter McLennan) has to do that and what they have to do is re-engage with a fan base that has not supported the club as much this season." Courier Mail 11 January 2010

A few months ago Ben Buckley asked via the Courier Mail and rhetorically - where did the other 7,000 fans go. There are probably many answers to that question. But it is not so much to 're-engage' but to engage. The Roar haven't really crossed the bridge to a sustainable and regular fan base, compared to say the Broncos and the Lions. My view is that it is the Melbourne Victory, under entrepreneur Geoff Lord, that has worked with the FFA under the model followed by the Broncos and the former Super league and the Lions and the AFL.

Success for a sporting team is about winning the heart, soul and minds of the fans. And you start by understanding your local fans (your market). Next you buy - one way or another - a team that can win. Look at the risk the Lions are prepared to take with Brendan Fevola, the signing of Kevin Muscat as a '2nd marquee' because he could be a coach by Victory, and the franchise the Broncos have been allowed to keep over the home of rugby league talent.

So, the real question is, does the FFA see the potential of Brisbane? And if so what special deal are they prepared to do to win it over? or do they see the answer as sending the team to a cheaper stadium, chasing down the quality spiral?

Cricket teaches A-League a tough lesson

At the same time as the Brisbane v Newcastle game, 2 state 20-20 games. Promoted like this (using two very well known internationls):

This year's xxx Twenty20 Big Bash has "exploded" with average crowds of nearly 15,000 and TV audiences 40% up on last season!

Here's your last chance this season to experience the action live.

Master blasters Andrew Symonds and Chris Gayle go head-to-head this Saturday night at the Gabba when the ... GOLD Bulls rip into the WA Warriors.

The Bulls are still a chance to make the Finals, irrespective of the result of Wednesday's match against the Blues in Sydney.

So don't miss out. Buy your tickets now on ...........

Tickets include FREE public transport and are just $18 for Adults and $8 for Children. Families of four are $40.

Arrive early to avoid the rush.

First ball is 6.45pm, with the women's Qld v WA Twenty20 curtain-raiser starting at 2.30pm. Gate 4 opens at 2pm.

And if you're single and looking to brighten your horizons in the new year, what about the at-match Twenty20 Singles party? ............

Monday, January 11, 2010

A reason to believe: Pieter Collen

29 years old and Belgium international.

Could be interesting Saturday night.

Top flight career cut by injuries but now very keen to show his worth. Seems fired up if his body holds. Could be very exciting.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newcastle 3 v Melbourne 2: game of the round

The best by far. Things happened and there were goals.

Kevin Muscat kicked Matt Thompson and only got a yellow. Newcastle went down to 10 when Robbie Kruse won his first penalty. A hand ball penalty was missed that would have made it 4-1.

Newcastle held out Melbourne defending very deep - great idea if you have a better defence than midfield. They look ominous. Fortunately they play Gold Coast on Wednesday before coming up here to play the Roar Saturday.

Perth v Sydney was boring and 0-0. The plus for foreign coaches is that they know how to defend. Something the Roar could use.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Queensland Day

Wellington 3 v Brisbane 1 - like Wellington had one or two players extra - much better at defending than Brisbane was at attacking.

CCM 1 V North Queensland 1 - it was very hot in Gosford and this suited the far north.

Gold Coast 1 v Adelaide 1 - pity Gold Coast didn't play like this against the Roar. Shane Smeltz should have been sent off - very dirty challenge on Fife. Then after missing them all night headed in the goal from Culina in the last minute. Adelaide the better team. Fan numbers were back to normal demonstrating that the majority were Roar fans on boxing day. Miller had a bad game.

Wellington 3 v Brisbane 1

Brisbane made the early running. And Van Dijk and Reinaldo both lacked composure to miss clear cut opportunities. To be fair to Ange, once Henrique did his hamstring he was going to be very reliant on returning Socceroos Matt McKay and Tommy Oar. McKay as new Roar Captain occasionally looked very good. But both were obviously tired.

The team really lacks consistent skill and experience. Going back to the quality of season one is really asking a lot of even loyal fans. The bench looked very thin. Both Packer and Mitch Nichols seem to have been dropped altogether.

The defence still is prone to panic and looking a mess. Van Dijk scored in the 88th to make it look better.


3D TV is coming and the World Cup 2010 is set to be the launch pad.

Sony is leading the charge and is betting its integrated entertainment business that you will buy a new TV set to watch your football heroes come to life. Afterall, 2006 was the catalyst for popular launches and takeup of a range of new TV technologies.

Sony and Panasonic are neck and neck in the technology and both companies supplied equipment for the amazing Avatar film.

Post the world cup conversions, the focus will switch to content. Sport is regarded as the killer app. The USA will have its niche games but football will be the staple diet. 3D will reinforce the co-development of content with games. It will enable fans to virtually climb into games.

Over time the 3D breakthrough may lead FIFA to consider rule changes to enhance viewer experiences. Certainly, games are going to get more real.

Written and posted from an iPud.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Moore goes to Greece for 18 months

Probably best outcome from here. It would be too bad to have him at the GC.

Look's Tiatto is staying with the Roar but does expect to play another game.

It is a very disappointing performance from a club that seems to have written off its fans and should expect to be written off by them. Disappointingly, Ange doesn't seem to think having fans matters. Perhaps he is just in a holding pattern till his next opportunity comes along.

Sad as I believe a successful A-League needs a successful Roar. Without a new owner with a vision this seems a long way off.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Looks like Tiatto is heading for early exit

As Roar management continue to disregard their fans. Or maybe they just have no money.

Kuwait 2 v Socceroos 2

The first 4 minutes weren't what we we were expecting as we raced to a 2 goal lead. Great goals and team work. Defence let us down before half time.

Alex Brosque was nowhere in the squad. In the lead up it was Brosque, Brosque, Brosque - no need for him to worry about Sydney saying no to a Europe tour prep for World Cup.

Instead it was Euro as Pim could make it. With Ex Roar Dario and ex Newcastle Nicky Carrrrrle. Matt McKay at least made the bench.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Kuwait v A-League Socceroos

Can anyone with money in the A-League bear to watch?

Wellington v Brisbane 4pm AEST

The A-League Socceroos game v Kuwait has knocked this round out of the newspapers at the worst possible time for the A-League. Let's hope they win - or the press is going to get really stuck in.

This game is vital - like all games now - for Brisbane. If they lose, especially if it is by a big margin, talk will turn to 'building for next season.'

Fox Sports FC replayed John O'Neill saying the box on capitalisation had been ticked at the start of the A-League - if it was then, it isn't now.

The upside is that the Roar have never really done what is necessary to reach Brisbane's 'football family'.

Monday, January 04, 2010

It's a tough tough world, And you've got to be tough in it, Tough in it.

It is one thing for Craig Moore to throw his weight and reputation around. Telling the club that has been representing the fans that have been paying his wages that it is 'him (Ange) or me'.

It is quite another for the Roar to tell the world that this has been said to them 'At least twice.'

Did they think how this would sound to fans and potential fans? Did they think about Moore's motives?

The Roar has adopted an attitude of 'If they don't want to play for us, by our rules, they should go now.'

And yet it seems that they have both played into Moore, Reddy and Miller's giving them what they want - guilt free. And turned off more loyal fans. And given the Gold Coast the gift of being in the box seat to negotiate with Moore and Miller and draw closer to its target of winning Roar fans.

What Frank Farina would have done? I watched Frank gradually moving a number of players towards the door. Not one did he allow go before it was in the Roar's interest for them to do so. Not only is this basic negotiation, this is also very sporting. And pays due respect to your fans. Under Frank, no one left before the end of the season - not Ognesovski, Lynch, Wedau nor Marchino. (I spoke to Wedau at the end of the season - he still thought he was getting another season poor guy) They all paid their dues. The fans got the players they had paid for.

The inside rumour has been that Moore wanted to go to the Gold Coast from the time it was an idea in the form of Gold Coast Galaxy.

Moore was always welcome to go to the World Cup. For him to leave and go play for his local club would have been hard to pull off. How could he go there as anything less than a marquee (which the Gold Coast were not going to accept)? Well he outsmarted the Roar. He got them to announce the reason why it was OK for him to play for GCFC. He can't get on with Ange!!! This is after Ange had publicly bent over backwards saying he wanted Craig next year and how great he is.

So if even Ange is saying Craig is great, what Craig says must be spot on. Particularly when it is 'I could do better than the coach.' Plus there is no evidence that he is wrong.

Miller and Reddy should have been sat at home, gagged with statement from the club that they were injured and hoping to return soon. Or they should have been called to account for breach of contract. Fans respect that.

Fans want a strong club - like Adelaide (pre-the loss of their owner) or Central Coast or ....

How did the Roar get themselves in this pickle? Clearly they need new ideas and advisors.

What they should have done was said 'Craig is going to the World Cup, he is on loan with another club to facilitate this. We desire and are planning for his return next year.' Then Craig would have have had to make his own statement about what he thought about the Roar, or explained why he had signed for (say) Gold Coast. And guess what, the Roar would have looked like they had done the right thing and Craig would have been seen to have done the wrong thing. And Ange would not have been damaged.

Right now, the Roar's management have gifted Ange with another problem, they have issued a press statement that implies that their coach can not win the confidence of his players.

Friday, January 01, 2010

You have to be joking - Moore talking to Gold Coast

Let's hope this story is unfounded. If it is true it would seem like the weirdest way in football history that a football team moved home grounds.

Actually I am laughing. It is funny. Moore moving to the Gold Coast - where he lives and there were rumours that he wanted to go to last year - would weaken the Gold Coast. Their defence is already far better than Brisbane's (embarrassingly so for containing a current Socceroo).

Left me standing like a naughty school boy

It is pretty amazing that the Roar would allow the story that Craig Moore rang from the Middle east to say that he would come back next year if Ange left, was allowed to get out. It isn't surprising as a story. But unless you think that any news is good news, you don't want stories like that out there.

Seems now that the decision to go was probably made a while a go and what we have been hearing is rhetoric. Puts real pressure on the club to announce some big and positive news.

There next story is who else feels the same way as Moore including how many fans.

I went to the movies yesterday and surprised by the adverts for the Roar and the A-League. It will be interesting to see what the big picture strategy is. There are only 2 home games left. Surely the energy needs to be on the Sydney game (30 January), traditionally a 30,000 crowd game and getting the off season fan acquisition strategy right. Without many players that fans know and poor table positioning, will that game prove hard to attract fans to?

Next season's player acquisition strategy must be seen as means to an end to building a viable club.

Central Coast 0 v Wellington 2

Wellington keeps up its momentum.

Lawry McKinna under real pressure now. Just shows that just because is planning a $40m expansion, doesn't mean the optimism will rub off on the club.