Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brisbane 0 v Central Coast 3

Bob Malcolm and Craig Moore will not play next week. Certainly in the case of Malcolm that is a very good thing. He may be the worse import the A-League has had. Robbie Slater described his work as the worst defending he had seen in the A-League. He caused the first 2 goals. The first bounced off him to the Mariners (2nd time in two weeks) and the 2nd he decided not to tackle.

Danny Tiatto was well behaved despite some nasty challenges on him by Simon in particular. He also will be lucky to play next week. Lucky Ange has new players to replace the ones he doesn't like.

Craig got his 5th yellow and he will be suspended. He has played too many games in too short a time. A critical times tonight he looked worn out.

Malcolm took a bad hit in jumping for a header and got a big cut under his eye and a broken nose. DeVere came on and was much better.

60% possession. 20 plus shots on goal and you lose 0-3. Big trouble.

By the way, if Brisbane are a dirty team what about the Mariners? The ref looked like he didn't want to give CCM players a second card.

Incredibly, the Roar were favourites in the betting before the match. Did anyone really think they would win? Or was something funny going on. Fox kept going on about how the Roar will be in the mix at the end of the season. No fan I asked tonight believes that for a minute. Bottom 3 is the guess.

Brisbane need a new owner. And fast. Then spend mega dollars on a guest player. Or less people will show up.

Fox Sports, after weeks of talking the Roar down are now trying to talk them up. Good luck guys.

The crowd was supposed to be 7,400. I could only see around 6,000. And a lot of people got in free. Including some who were given free tickets when they were walking up to buy some. Will people who got in for free to see this this time will pay next time?

Free tickets and ticket discounting hurts your number one fans, your season ticket holders. And hollow promises of 20% off next season's tickets just don't wash. Today under 15s were all free with adults. But I paid mine months ago. Plus season ticket holders are already given a discount for giving their money upfront. It is not clear if we will get a discount on a discount. I doubt it.

This is a real commercial stuff up. It is very hard to see Brisbane playing at Suncorp next year. I think it is fair to ask who the owners will be.


Hamish said...

"Brisbane need a new owner. And fast. Then spend mega dollars on a guest player. Or less people will show up."

I don't think many would disagree with you, but the question is, if that isn't happening - and let's face it it's not in anyone's control - what does Brisbane Roar do?

The only answer seems to be to downgrade its business model to a modest stadium like Ballymore where you can create real atmosphere and build on the solid foundation message of, "This team represents the great city of Brisbane in the World Game."

Then humbly, realistically and - most importantly - 'patriotically' (to the city) build from there.

john said...

Thanks Hamish

I agree. We are headed for Ballymore but not this season as their are supplier arrangements that can't be broken.

Irrespective the Club has, I think, at least 51% for sale. And really the rest should be sold too.

Ange is one of the people not saying this, as he cannot build Australia's biggest team from Ballymore. I think Brisbane will struggle to get players to come to the club. Few will want to come to a shambles that looks like limiting their career.

Ed said...

Arrh - they put the price of tickets down but put the price of beer up!