Friday, October 23, 2009


Not enough that Charlie Miller, last year's fan favourite, has disgraced himself, now he is back on the injured list. So is Danny Tiatto. Should have let them go.

Moore is out too - sorry he shouldn't be our marquee (I understand he is paid what so clubs pay players inside the cap).

Now we will probably play the A-League's worst player - Bob Malcolm.

Did Ange know what he was getting into?

The drums are beating that FFA is about to takeover the Roar. But they may wait until the downward spiral stops.

Packer is back in, McKay back in, Reinaldo back in. But not looking their best.

Dodd is back.

Zullo still out - are we allowed to sign someone else?

Reddy out for 6 plus games. Murdocca running but not playing. Henrique seen on training park.

Mundy signed last year - is he proving himself? How long for Smits? (Compare Smits to Grossman doing OK with Fury).

Can't expect a team to be winning with 6 top players out injured (out of 23 man squad).


Anonymous said...

As good as he is, I thought last year`s team gelled AFTER miller got injured. the nichols - van dijk combo worked well last season.

getting a new gaff in could shake things up. there is still talent in the squad. if ange has control, and a bit of common sense, good things can happen.

step 1, find a left back. franic was doing carpentry down in melbourne wasn`t he? maybe they need to go scout more building sites?


orangecrush said...

I get the feeling that Ange is saing: "If you can't give me a guaranteed 90 minutes you don't start." So Miller will either have to step up the training km's or stay on the bench. This week I'd like to see Ange start with:

Franjic; DeVere; McCloghan;Packer
Nichol; Karlovic; McKay; Oar
Reinaldo; Van Djik

Only concern is no real DM - maybe instead bring in Mundy and give Franjic a run at DM (he seems a good distributer) - just don't play Dodd!!

john said...

Thanks Clayton - yes sometimes last year Miller gave up on his team mates and tried to do everything.

Thanks Orangecrush - Franjic may have a hamstring problem. So I think he'll play Dodd. Plus I think it is Franjic or Packer according to Courier Mail.

orangecrush said...

That's unfortunate. Franjic gives us so much more going forward than Pavker ever has.