Saturday, October 03, 2009

Perth 1 v Nth Qld 1: Instant Karma

Ha. Who would have thought it would come so quickly? And by former Roar player Chris Grossman! Perth player Chris Coyne showed it is OK to hit the keeper with the ball. So North Queensland got their goal.

And Jacob Burns got his 5th yellow suspension. Pity Talay got a 2 yellow red for diving.

Interesting juniors that swear get a red. Adults not even a caution - even if at the ref or his assistants.


Usman Azad said...

Wasn't generally happy with the Glory's performance to be honest, even if the goal was slightly contentious (though I agree the Chris Coyne one was wrong)

john said...

Thanks for your comment Usman
Glory may have the last laugh.
Not so sure about Mitchell as a coach.

orangecrush said...

Post match commentary was relatively scathing (though diplomatically so) of Mitchell. I don't rate him - when a side gives up as many leads as Perth does you have to question the tactics/coach.

john said...

Mitchell is part of the soccer paradise club as is Ron Smith, his former boss there. That is he was brought in (with Smith) when FFA owned Perth as a reward for his services to national teams. His playing record is great. His coaching record much less so.

Says something that he is still there. No sure what.