Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roar switch from Dutch to Greek

It is Ange Postecoglou a football insider, contrasting to Frank Farina sitting outside the football paradise club.

I would be very surprised if many people in Brisbane know who he is. He has 4 Socceroo caps and won 2 NSL titles as a player and 2 as a coach.

Club Chairman Chris Bombolas more or less conceded in a heated interview with ABC Radio host Kelly Higgins-Divine that it was the 4 owners who voted as a block of the 7 board members to determine Frank Farina's fate. It is possible that the FFA where applying pressure for something to happen to attract a decent crowd (what it is not clear).

Let's hope the owners are now prepared to back-up their decision with the mega dollars that will be needed to buy a guest player and, next year, a new marque. The current squad does not have the depth and some will leave next year.

From Saturday we will see how up-hill Ange's job will be - crowd? win?

You must win to get the crowd - Chris Bombolas was saying 'ask the previous coach' about the results - But the Roar don't have enough fit players to win the championship. It has nothing to do with the coach.

By the way Reddy is out for 6 weeks.

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