Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joel Griffith's thoughts on the squad....

Are here.

Really I don't blame him. No matter what he did, Pim was not interested.

The FFA have ridden EVERYTHING on hosting the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. I think the winner will be announced in December 2010. If we don't get a look in, some of the FFA's decisions and approaches are going to come up. But maybe the financial impact will make that irrelevant.

I think Pim is risking going down as the coach that damaged the game in Australia - just as the momentum was going our way. Contrast that to new Zealand.

New Zealand only have 9 players in the A-League. And yet most of them are going to the World Cup and will play in 2 or 3 games. There is some chance the commentators will look back on the 2010 World Cup and say New Zealand did better than Australia.

At the very least, the A-league - plus at least $1 million of FFA and exceptions to the foreign player rule that mean they have 14 foreigners in their (Wellington's) squad - has grown the game in New Zealand.

Pim should be counted among those that have shrunk the game in Australia. And yet for all his comments about players having to play and not playing in the A-League, the World Cup squad includes a number of players who either don't have a team or can't properly train for medical reasons.

I am on record from way back saying Sasa Og should be there - sadly Craig Moore (as much as I think Brisbane Roar's owners treated him and fans badly) is well past it. I hope it doesn't get embarrassing.