Saturday, October 10, 2009

Who has the most expensive tickets in the A-League... Gold Coast

That is according to today's 'Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin' where the 'glamor' club is back page news. But not promoting tomorrow's game. It is Jason Culina complaining about his club's poor job at attracting crowds.

Funny that, some of Brisbane's leading journalists praised Miron's non-attendance and refusal to promote the opening game of the season as an act of marketing genius - by attracting interest to the game(?). Now, it looks more like an act of some strange form of vengeance.

However, again from reporter David Lewis in the Gold Coast Weekend Bulletin:
FFA's A-League manager Archie Fraser said "The people of the Gold Coast have sent a pretty clear message by their absence from games. There are things that can be done, that should be done and are clearly not being done by United in terms of building a supporter base. We (the FFA) have offered advice from day one but they have not acted upon it. We have offered strategies that actually work."
However, like normal Gold Coast didn't take nicely to this (Gold Coast Bulletin):

Gold Coast CEO Clive Mensink:

"The FFA took our first home game away from us, and Newcastle and other teams have had problems attracting crowds," he said. "Maybe Archie and I need to have chat about things. "I'm disappointed he's having a crack at us."

Ha. These guys just don't get it. And Jason Culina is getting cheezed off and thinking he made the wrong decision. I think he did. Image if an established team like Brisbane had been able to afford Jason. That would have been a great outcome for the A-League.

Mind you I am not so convinced that FFA strategies 'actually work'. I remember their pricing strategy for the Celtic game and nearly all the top seats being vacant.

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