Saturday, July 31, 2010

This Wellington free kick should be stopped

Either Wellington is a New Zealand team and it can have 5 foreigners, a maximum of 5 Australians and no one else from another country. Or, it should be 'deemed' an Australian team and have its New Zealanders included as foreigners. Or, better yet allow all A-League teams to have as many New Zealanders as they want.

Allowing Wellington to sign Socceroo Jade North as a regular 'local' player when Australian based teams are struggling to get their squads to 20 is wrong. North Queensland still only has 19 players.

If New Zealand players are the same as Australian players for Wellington, it should be the same for every A-League club.

For Brisbane, this would mean another foreign spot is opened as Kosta would be re-classified from foreign to local.

But seriously how many young New Zealanders are missing out for more experienced Australians? Didn't some of the World Cup squad include New Zealand local leaguers?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brisbane Squad Review - 2010-11

The Roar have had their best pre-season despite a loss to Wellington in NZ and Everton at home. Do thye have what it takes or will Ange have to walk by year's end?

No. 1 Keeper Michael Theoklitos (5 star?)
Coaches must bring players with them. Michael is Ange's coup. A-League teams are built on defence and defences are built on goalkeepers. Michael has already been a great A-League keeper, but went overseas and lost a lot. After letting in 7 in his only game for Norwich, he now has a lot to prove. And if he does, he could take the Roar to the finals, if not the ACL. At the critical time, Reddy was a dud. Michael could have what it takes.

No. 2 Keeper Andrew Redmayne (2 star?)
If the Roar have to find out if Andrew is any good - or they start playing silly billies and giving no 1 and 2 turns, Brisbane are probably in trouble, particularly Ange.

The Roar have never looked so good in defence - except with Moore at his best - 2008-9.

Luke DeVere (4 star?)
Won great praise against Everton. Has learnt from Moore. A lot expected this year.

Ivan Franjic (3.5 star?)
Has looked fantastic as an overlapping right back. If the Roar click, Ivan could be setting up goals this year.

Matt Mundy (2 star?)
Start his career with great promise 2 years ago but faded last year. Needs to prove himself this year.

Matthew Smith (3 star?)
Looked OK playing for NQ Fury for 2 months. Lots of lower league English experience in the middle of defence.At 28 could be still young enough to learn and excel in the A-League. Brisbane need him to be still learning and improving. A real test for Ange's opportunistic buying from Fury.

Shane Stefanutto (4 star? or injury prone?)
Left back, 30 year Shane was born in Cairns and last year was in the top 10 highest paid in the A-League. No doubt his pay will have come down with a thud. However, it was long term injury that really hurt him and Fury last season. Lots of experience in Norway. Could be the difference for Brisbane in defence. Not worked too hard in the pre-season as he was eased back into it.

Milan Susak (3.5 star?)
Another central defender, Milan has great experience for a 26 year old at this level - 5 years in Serbia, 10 games with Adelaide United and 2 years in Germany. Not sure about him. I suspect the thinking is that if he can standout he will get a great sales margin at the end of the season.

Perhaps, on paper the midfield looks a little weaker than last year. But this year they will be more trainable and disciplined. And..

Matt McKay (4 stars? or 5?)
.. has turned down China and got the captaincy he was promised before Craig Moore turned up. he and Massimo will provide the fans names they recognise and respect. if this is Matt's year, it will be Ange's and Brisbane's.

Thomas Broich (5 stars?)
Could Broich be Brisbane's well behaved playmaker - at long last? Big shoes from Miller - but the rap from the pre-season including assessments from other teams is very good. Good to see that he seems to be able to play 90 minutes. Looking forward to seeing him. Against Gold Coast we could know.

Luke Brattan (2 to 3 stars)
If Luke had emerged last year as hoped things could have been different. Classic middle of the park passer. Interesting to see how much game time he gets. My guess is only a lot if things do not go well.

Massimo Murdocca (3 stars)
Fans love him or hate him. Gets lots of credit for holding up the midfield, pace and stamina. Can he keep going?

James Meyer (2 stars?)
Seems to have had a lot of promise early but hasn't been able to convert it - returned from overseas to play lessor leagues here. Huge incentive to show he has career ahead of him. Not sure.

Erik Paartalu (2 Stars)
Again had enough to get overseas early but didn't kick on (see a theme here? good sign in some ways for Australians overseas that they will get a second chance to get attention, get game time and learn). 2nd division Scotland isn't what it used to be. very gald to be surprised here.

Mitch Nichols (I would like to think a 4 Star?)
last year was a nightmare for Mitch. So many one-on-one's with keepers didn't go his way (or they did). This is his chance. Mitch must now show he is a trainable.

Brisbane's forward line has new faces. With van Dijk gone, someone has to stand up or Ange is in trouble.

Reinaldo (2 Star)
The goal again Sydney in 2007-8 won him over for many fans. Then he went to Korea and was broken by the training schedule. We got him back for free. But he hasn't been the same. Now he has done his hamstring and will not play till game 3 or 4. Oh dear.

Jean Carlo Solorzano (needs to be 5 Star for Brisbane to make the ACL)
There is a lot riding on Costa Rican Solorzano. On paper he seems to have potential and his loan deal seems to indicate he is here to get exposure for a European sale. Ange needs him to be a star. But with no pre-season (he arrived today to play 8 August) - he may take half the season to get going.

Henrique (3 stars)
Injury robbed Roar fans of Henrique last year. he needs to back to his best.

Kosta Barbarouses (4 Stars?)
Could keep some other forwards out. Has surprised in the pre-season. What were Wellington doing not playing this guy. Probably to be sold at the end of the year. But could be a real answer for Brisbane. May add to the midfield pace with some gas upfront. Watch this space.

Rocky Viconte (2 to 3.5 stars)
Already out with injury. I wish him well. Apparently looked good in what pre-season he had. game time?

Unfortunely Brisbane would be better off playing Gold Coast later in the season. As it is they need to do well to convince fans to stay with them. The Gold Coast are unlikely to have any fans anyway.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sounds like Newcastle 0 v Brisbane 1

Review made it sound like Roar snatched it at the end - almost against the play - penalty to Franjic after Broich brought down from behind in the box. But it sounds like there was a bit of local bias.

What's the use of getting sober, if you're gonna get drunk again? A-League use of twitter

Here are Brisbane Roar twitter accounts:

But clubs need to use this channel to its strength. Perhaps it is a deal with snail mail media, but how many clubs post up-to-date scores via Twitter? Isn't that the ideal use?

It can actually create some excitement and get people to think - "I wish I was there, I'll go next time".

And yet, by enlarge, it is being used as a way to promote future events days in advance.

For example, yesterday Newcastle played Brisbane Roar in the pre-season. Yet here we are and what happened? Neither club has up-dated its sites. Same for the Wellington v Brisbane game - we found out days later.

I realise it is the pre-season. But this is why FFA insisted on a pre-season, so that there is at least some sought of build up for potential fans. Rather than Gold Coast v Brisbane 1st game, and bam the season highlight is over. (I am cheezed off because the game of the team I coach finishes just soon enough for me not to get to Skilled park for the end of the game).

Roar v Newcastle last year turned out to be a real test for the teams and predictor of future fortunes. This year Newcastle have new foreign players and had their first game called off.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ange's Trainables

Ange wants players that do what they are told. And he tells them.

This year's Football Superstar - which I watched mostly at 30x - has produced Liam McCormick from the Gold Coast as a signing for Brisbane. Why is it so that the players are on the Coast and the market in the city?

It would be good if the Brisbane press would get behind the Roar.

Chinese company Linglong Tyres Sponsor Roar


I doubt Boca will be back...

Wellington 2 v Boca Juniors 1

Sounds like another spiteful game from the Bocas who may have thought the A-League was going to be an easy way to get publicity for player trading in Europe.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Everton 2 v Brisbane 1 - full time

Brisbane did very well. Held their own particularly in second half.

Everton 2 v Brisbane 1 82 minutes...

Brisbane have had periods of dominance.

The Celtic under performance was the beginning of the end last year - with dud Bob Malcolm.

These signs are much brighter.

Crowd 19,786

Which edges out Melbourne Heart - well done Brisbane!!!

Plus Brisbane the only team to score against EPL this year!!!

Where are you Brisbane sporting press?

Costa Barbarousus equalises...

Costa justifies his foreign spot?

Entertaining game...

DeVere and McKay stand outs for Brisbane.

Crowd well down on last years Celtic clash

But the promotion was been a lot less this year. And the local press seem to be ignoring the Roar.

Compared to Frank, it is Ange who?

Everton score on 49th minute

curling strike into top right...

Half Time: Everton 0 v Brisbane Roar 0

At the game reports are that Everton is having most of the chances. But the Brisbane are holding their own with good possession in the mid-field but limited action in final third. Reinaldo leading the line for Roar.

Seems in line with Everton captain's assessment that A-League teams lack magic in the final third. He suggested bringing home players currently abroad. But everyone else is trying to send anyone with potential away...

Love soccer? FFA send a new message

NQ Fury - owned by the FFA - has a new promotion. 'Love soccer, love the Fury.'

This is the process of entropy. In which all things devolve to their natural state. FFA has joined the press in returning our sport to the name that it is known by for most Australians. 'Soccer' allows the sport to be more clearly positioned in the marketplace. Avoiding the confusion of what sport is being referred to.

It has been done quietly, but none-the-less, there it is.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jean Carlo Solorzano Madrigal

Sounds interesting.

Costa Rican. 22 years of age. 21 goals in 61 games. 12 last year. Trains with the national team. A friend of Carlos Hernandes.

One year deal.

Signed with Roar to take advantage of Roar's player sales skills. OK. There will be a lot of pressure on him to deliver.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everton 2 v Heart 0

Everton are bringing in the crowds. 40,000 on Saturday in Sydney. 19,000 tonight mid week in Melbourne.

Cahill has played only the 2nd half in both games and had little impact on the field. But he has made up for this off the field - promoting the games and the A-League - he was great of the ABC Offsiders particularly against Australia's conflicted sports journalist (and parter of the chief of New Corporation in Australia) Rebecca Wilson.

Still the Roar has - so far - scuffed its opportunity on Saturday. Telling its fans it is only the away team,and has no control over promotion or pricing. Crowd numbers up here will be very interesting and a portent for the season. Certainly there is zero buzz and very, very little promotion.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Brisbane U25 v Brisbane Roar on Pauly TV


Most of the Roar seemed to be Youth players.

Rocky Visconte did his hamstring and out till round 3.

Sydney playing Everton today. Roar play Everton next week. Crowds will be a real indicator for the season.

Roar play Wellington tonight.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Marcelo Bielsa rumour for Socceroo coach runs hot...

Have a read of wiki on Marcelo Bielsa.

Current South American coach of the Year.

Argentinian - so attack, attack.

Pro youth.

An innovator.

Lots of South American experience.

No Asian experience.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

More gifts - Argentina 0 v Germany 4

Wow. No burning candle in Maradona's demise. Perhaps a tear.

Germany own the whole park. Argentina's attack attack by the bus in front of goal. And then of the counter... do Argentina even practice defence?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fast Cars, Slow Traffic, Fast Cars, slow traffic slow traffic...

The World Cup...

well run systems beat individual brilliance.

Key Brisbane Roar Messages we'd like to hear:

1. We are here to entertain you. Come and watch us and we'll make sure you have fun. We will know we are doing this when the stadiums we play at are full.

2. We are Brisbane's team, we are part of the fabric of Brisbane. We will play in Brisbane's colours.

3. We will find exciting local players and give them the opportunity to shine.

4. We will sell some of these players at the end of the year, football is expensive and this is all part of attracting players to our club - giving them the opportunity to make more money elsewhere - and the club the money to invest again next season.

5. We will retain a core of your favourite players.

6. We will bring in some very exciting foreign players.

7. We always be on the lookout to find ways to finance the most exciting marquee players.

8. We aim to win, but we put entertainment first.


We will have a Board and owners that helps us achieve these goals.

We will have sponsors whose goals align with ours.

Ghana 1 v Uruguay 1 (Uruguay on penalties)

After creating their World Cup opportunities on penalties Ghana missed a final minute hand ball penalty (onto the bar and over) - deliberate act by Suarez. Suarez gets a red but it looked like if he had decided to use his head rather than hand - he could have cleared the ball from the line without a sanction.

Anyway, Suarez who had been in the action throughout the match, is left thinking he saved the game for Uruguay.

Holland 2 v Brazil 1 - most entertaining game so far

While Holland has played more like a team in this World Cup than Brazil, this game was all about Arjen Robben. Robben cut up Brazil's left side, leaving them no option but to give away fouls. Fouls that lead to yellow cards, substitutions, a red card and goals.

Brazil sacrificed JĂșlio Baptista, substituted after hacking into Robben for much of the game. Then Felipe Melo earns a straight red for stomping on Robben.

Brazil showed some individual brilliance, but the Dutch held together as a team.

Can Holland go all the way?

Surely Australia need taller and stronger players if it is one day to emulate the Dutch formula. Wither AFL.

Germany's gift

... putting Australia's loss into context.

But aren't we being told not to play the long ball game?