Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brisbane 0 v Gold Coast 1

I watched the replay. The ref waved play on 5 times when Brisbane players were brought down in the box. At least 2 were no argument penalties. Even the Fox commentators who were going on and on about how bad Brisbane were admitted this.

There were Gold Coast and Brisbane fans on my bus on the way home and the only conversation was how bad the ref was. Whether the ref was right or wrong does not matter, for fans the minimum is that they felt they got a reasonable deal. The FFA knew the fans were sick of the ref as he had to be escorted off the field at half and full time (the latter by police).

Even Fox, told by the FFA to back their refs in all circumstances, said that they were surprised Steve Pantelidis didn't get a card. 4 Brisbane players did for minor offenses. The FFA, and the Courier Mail, may see a badly behaved team, most Brisbane fans saw bias.

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