Sunday, October 11, 2009

Brisbane 0 v GC Wonderers 1 - suspect

Ben Williams gave GC 24 free kicks to Brisbane's 12. Yet it was GC's defenders that seemed to be flying in.

To have 2 50-50 penalties turned down is disappointing. To have 4 is suspect or disappointing. This keeps happening to the Roar and you can see why fans stop coming.

In last years grand final an elbow to the head was a red, here Thwaite only got yellow. It pays to smile at the ref. 4 Roar yellow cards to 1 GC (for throwing the ball away) was just plain wrong.

So Ben Williams and the FFA wait for a Brisbane match to protect goalkeepers (goal disallowed - foul called on Nichols).

I thought the Roar did not miss most of the senior players who where away. Pity Malcolm wasn't away. Why did we waste a foreign spot on this slow coach?

By the way, quite a few people dressed in GC colours caught buses home. The ones on mine got off in the suburbs. Seems to confirm that quite a few GC fans are former Roar fans.

What are the FFA going to do about their stuff-up in Queensland? 8,800 to a derby when last year's average to any game was 15,000 = ? Clearly Brisbane is the market they should harvest. GC don't seem interested.

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George said...

Nothing suprises me anymore...