Friday, October 16, 2009

More Moore

Here is what the Courier Mail said today:

'Farina's departure will spell the end for a handful of Roar players, sooner rather than later. Tiatto, 36, has already declared he will retire at season's end, while the Roar careers of Miller and Bob Malcolm – both off contract at the end of Brisbane's current campaign – seem clouded.'

So how many fans does the Board think will be happy with Miller leaving?

Elsewhere (Sydney Morning Herald) the speculation is that Moore wants out. And why won't he? He brought Miller and Malcolm to the club and Tiatto is his close friend. And Moore started the attack on Kruse in the press.

And what does the Courier Mail say about Moore:

'With Farina gone, Moore's opinion will be more often sought by the Roar board, who are keen for their 33-year-old captain to remain part of the club well beyond his playing days.'
According to the Courier Mail, the Board were complaining that Frank was controlling everthing. What if Moore was ready controlling it all already. And now they want to give him more influence.

Interesting given that they now want his friends Miller, Malcolm and Tiatto to leave the club.

To me this is Miron re-visited. Get rid of the coach. Get new players in. Re-launch the club. Crowds will go up.

We will see.

This is the best argument for a member based club - that votes for the Board and, possibly even the coach, that you will find.

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