Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sydney 2 v Brisbane 1

Where is the refing consistency? Fox, who have now clearly turned to supporting the Roar after ditching them after game 3, clearly need to write to the FFA that the Refs need to be re-briefed. Well maybe not. But apart from Miller's punch, how was the Roar's treatment of Kruse worse than Sydney's treatment of Oar? Surely it isn't just that Tommy is a far better prospect than Kruse?

On Miller, I think the mood at the Roar is that his punch was close to a final straw. Now unless he shows real magic at training, he isn't going to play.

For this game it was fairly even with Brisbane missing chances in the first half. Then Sydney dominated the first 25 minutes of the second half. The after Sydney were two up it was all Tommy Oar and the Roar.

Too bad that they are now equal last as they can't blame Frank for that. The club must take the rap. And it is hard to see a turnaround in the crowd for Newcastle.

As for Sydney, it was sad to see them targeting Oar and then in the last 10 minutes adopting the hated 'go down and stay down tactics' to break Brisbane's time on the ball.

You can see why Sydney can the A-League's best yellow card record, their transgressions get ignored. While almost anything Brisbane does gets book. If the FFA wants the crowd to pick up they will have to change the refereeing approach. People want to see what Tommy Oar can do not continually pulled down and tripped.

The Roar now have to add Reinaldo to the injured list. Mario Karlovic needs to lift he should be emulating Oar.

Good riddence to Bob Malcolm. Give us our 5th foreign spot back.

Poor performance from Foxtel get your cables fixed. About 30 minutes got to air.


orangecrush said...

My foxtel reception was fine? Apart from the fact that the Roar equalised while they were showing some pointless replay.

Agree with your observation about the commentators now supporting the Roar. From my view, our efforts and created opportunities in the last 20 minutes was not very different from the same period against CCM?

Mathew Breeze has sent countless players off for less than Cole's 2-foot challenge on Karlovic.

On the positive, there was much greater discipline when things didn't go our way. This is where Ange will make the biggest initial impact.

Question: Where was Andrew Packer when Sydney scored their second goal????

Anonymous said...

i don`t think the reffing changed the result ... he was letting a lot go. much more than necessary i thought. but a result changer?

a general lack of sharpness and not-putting-the-ball-in-the-net-ness did brisbane in.

and andrew packer being nowhere near kisel for the second goal didn`t help.


john said...

Yes quite a few 'in the know' have mentioned Andy going missing at the wrong moment. Are they missing Miller? I think he is being constructively dismissed (probably why Ganter - physio - walked out, train hard or don't play and it broke him)

Orange - I rang Fox and they had a recorded message about all the towns without service - but it could have been iQ which they are upgrading.