Friday, October 30, 2009

Brisbane 1 v Newcastle 1: It's a place without a postcard, and I'm never going there...

At 86:35 minutes Orangecrush leaned over to me and said 'Do you think the players realise that this is the most important 3 minutes of the club's history and they have to score?' I agreed with his sentiment and said 'And they aren't going to score.'

The low crowd didn't help. This was a dull game. And yet Charlie Miller for 30 minutes could have won this game for the Roar. Ange must take responsibility for that. And it shows that he is making 'football' decisions at the expense crowd interest.

In other words they are doing what the club is desperate to say they are not doing - writing off the season.

And next week the FFA is sending Tommy Oar - with Franjic - the only bright spot off on tour. Hey guys if you want the Roar to survive you need to do something now.

And what was it that gave Craig Moore man-of-the-match? Did anyone notice that the goal was his fault?

Playing Cernak as a start and then giving all the corners and free kicks back fired. He was poor. Tommy oar may have made something of them.

Have a look at this promo from the Roar. 'Ange Postecoglou is expecting a showcase of open, attacking football tomorrow night when Brisbane Roar take on the Newcastle Jets at Suncorp Stadium.' Neither side had anything in the final third. Most of the game was boring. Tope-Stanley simply pushed Mitch Nichols out of the way all night.

The Roar's defence has looked brittle all season. Newcastle had one chance - one striker beat 3 defenders (including Moore) and the goalkeeper.

Van Dijk just was not that tonight. Why should he get marquee play. He should have been on Toper-Stanley and Mitch should have been running in....

The lower ticket prices back-fired, few would have thought they got value tonight.


Ed said...

I thought it was an amazing change of tempo from the old helter-skelter Roar to the new PATIENT (so patient I nearly fell asleep) version. Ball retention was improved but just no penatration at the pointy end.

PS: Love your oils reference ;)

john said...

Thanks Ed

Used regularly go see Inxs and sometimes the Oils.