Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wellington 6 v Gold Coast 0: Smashified

Oh and Gold Coast played so well too.

Foxtel has been having outages (Sydney and Brisbane and other parts of Australia) all week so I saw little of this game and less of the Sydney v Brisbane game. However, something happened.

It was amazing to see former Roar 2nd keeper Scott Higgins letting them go through his legs and all sorts.

There was some back story about public statements by Miron having a go at Herbert in the press about the New Zealand team and its world cup preparation. And why the camera work was abysmal, you could see them arguing through the game.

I think Culina and the players have had enough of a club that is not interested in fans. It looked like poaking fun at first. Now they know they are the joke. I believe Miron has lost the 'dressing room' for the second time. The team is tied of his, the owner's and the CEO's behaviour. Will there be a Gold Coast next year if this keeps up?

One other story. The NZ commentary team hit new lows called Zenon Caravella a 'little dog'. That needs to be looked into.

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