Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rudan thinks we need more characters..

"I wish it hadn't (lost some edge) because it was always good for the game," Rudan said. ....
"It's really been timid and a little bit boring (since), there's not enough characters in the game. "I've been away (overseas) for a couple of years and this season there haven't been any outrageous comments or anything like that to give you a good laugh." Quoted at Fox Sports.

And why? Because unless your Clive Palmer and the FFA is powerless to control you, FFA will fine coaches and players unless they say what it wants.

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Hamish said...


And in general, football governance needs to begin to reflect the institutional values of the society it is in. It may be that it cannot be democratic in a formal sense, but it can promote accountability, transparency and freedom of speech.

Quite frankly, and with no humour intended, football governance from FIFA down, in terms of its institutional values, belongs in a Stalinist society, not a democratic one.