Friday, October 23, 2009

Jets 2 v CCM 1

Check out the A-League site naming Mark Bridges (Sydney) as Michael Bridges (Newcastle).

This result showed how badly the Roar played last week - made the Mariners look good.


orangecrush said...

Funny thing that last week CCM had 38% of possession and won 3-0. This week they had 58% possession and lost 2-1.

CCM only had 3 shots on goal against us!! Just so happened that they all went in.

I also find it strange that the media heaped more scorn on the Roar, who completely dominated possession and opportunities against CCM last week, than they did on Sydney, who couldn't beat a 10 man Adelaide (and made half the number of chances the Roar did against CCM!!)

john said...

I wonder if Frank had kept saying no to interviews with Fox and paid the price?