Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brisbane for Brisbane?

The FFA is about to move in to support Brisbane.

Perhaps it should adopt a membership model? Perhaps would support increased attendance?


Hamish said...

I know they already have memberships so I'm wondering what you mean by a membership model?

john said...

Thanks Hamish

Like AFL where members vote & own the club. In the A-League members are really only season ticket owners.

Ed said...

Like the socios (sp?) in Spain - that would be great. The president is then beholden to the fans as they are in effect share holders. Only unlike normal shareholders thier interest is in the success of the club on and off the field not the share price (because you cant sell your memberhsip anyway).

BTW would be great to keep Franic but I think bob has a lot to offer in midfield (he is just not a central defender).

john said...

Thanks Ed
You have the idea.
Sorry can't see the benefit in Bob.