Friday, October 30, 2009

One ray of hope

Pay Mario Karlovic for a full game. Leave Cernak out.

Bring Miller back for 30 minutes per game. Please give us something to watch.


orangecrush said...

I thought Cernak was terrible in the first half but watching a replay on Fox today he did ok in the second half - just lacked some confidence at critical times. BUT .. for me Karlovic is definitely a more complete player and should get a start next game.

Note - media still saying that Miller has a groin injury ....

Hamish said...

There's a MUCH bigger ray of hope John.

Brisbane Roar W vs Perth Glory W: 6:0

Entertaining, passing, attacking football with no diving or theatrics.

And I boldly say, in the genuine hope that my proposition might be challenged, that this is one of the greatest women's football teams in the world.

john said...

Yes I watched the first half. The Roar Women play the way Ange wants the men to play. But they had the benefit of team playing 5 in a straight line at the back - very static and (Perth) kept losing possession.

They could be up there - from memory the best are USA, Italy etc.