Sunday, October 04, 2009

Melb 2 v Brisbane 1

Adrian Leijer has put Henrique out for up to 8 weeks. That is the headline. And he was sitting on a yellow and he went on to score the winner.

But the byline is again the poor refing. The choice seems to be between refs that blow the whistle for everything. And Strebre Delovski who again looked to lost control of a match.

Next week Brisbane will be without:

Moore (international duty)
Tiatto (likely suspension)
Henrique (Leijified for 8 weeks)
Dodd (suspension for accumulated yellows)
Franjic (end of injury cover contract)

The Roar seemed to take the Kruse thing a bit far. I think it really hurt their game. Will the officials review Miller's hit on Kruse near the end? If so Miller could also be out for 2 weeks.

What were they thinking?


Hamish said...

Was watching at the Muddy Farmer without sound, and the drama that seemed to be unfolding was a rather cruel campaign against Kruse, especially from the older lads, which finally left him literally weeping. Robbie is a sensitive lad, which the Roar boys know intimately. In short I reckon they certainly took it too far. The Roar succeeded in nullifying and humiliating their old team mate, but the hubristic cost was the game and the services of their closest equivelent to Kruse, Henrique.

Was it really worth it guys?

Lots of pleasing play though, from both sides.

Anonymous said...

I only caus the last half hour (also at a pub with sound down) but I jsut ahte all this tough guy, hard nut element the older boys bring to the club. It seems to me that there was been a split in the Roar camp for a couple of years now between the kids and the senior pros. Miller's hook on Kruse was inexcusable and has been bizarley not reported by the MSM. Miller should get a good and and pull his head in. I have had enough of tiatto.

Ed said...

oh that was me btw.

Neil said...

The order would have to come from Farina to target Kruse and we all know Farina knows how bears a grudge. Poor form Farina. Not good enough for the Socceroos top job and the Roar one either in my very humble opinion.

Go Victory!

Anonymous said...

there is a world of difference between being "tough" (and playing the game within the rules) and being violent.

hitting a fellow professional while the ref isn`t looking is not tough. had a quick look at forumland, and some were using getting hit as another reason to slag off at kruse - "he stayed down too long, he was trying to milk it".

i enjoyed seeing the "get kruse" campaign backfire. brisbane need to concentrate on playing good footy.

i agree that the reffing is not up to scratch. bad reffing is holding the a-league back. these refs look like a complete bunch of amateurs ... oh. they are. they make a lot of sacrifices to support a game they love. not for many. and definitely not for the thanks.

thanks refs.


john said...

Thanks Hamish and Ed

I agree it looks like something has been going on that we aren't hearing through the media.

Sorry Neil I think you are wrong about Frank. This was all the work of Miller, Tiatto and Moore (I think they have too much influence on the team). Frank has a record of helping players out be recommending them to other teams (NQ, GC, Perth and now Melb). He has said he is a Kruse fan and I believe him.

Thanks Clayton. I here you on refs. But they are protected too much. FFA should encourage honesty it would promote the game. Now it is too bland. Plus we could all see which coaches blame the refs and make our judgements. This way it is up to the 'grass roots'.

orangecrush said...

I didn't think the Leijer challenge was too bad. He only got ball and studs were barely off the ground (they didn't even go close to making contact). Resulting injury was simply bad luck.

I am more concerned with:

Miller - should get at least 4 weeks for deliberate punch to the head off the ball;

Moore - gets beaten more and more easily these days - lucky to not get a straight red for the foul on Thompson.

Reddy - Leijer's header was only 3 yards out and his 'tap in' was from a yard out, yet Reddy couldn't get to either challenge?

Kruse stood up to the treatment better than he ever did when playing for us. I suppose playing with guys that don't hate your guts improves your resilience.

4-1 would have been a fair result.

john said...

Sometimes it is hard to be a fan. I agree Orangecrush about Miller and Moore. Some players, across the A-League are protected for the sack of the game (Head kicking Fowler) and some are just there to be made an example of (Tiatto). I don't agree with your fair score. 1-1 would have been fairer.

Clayton, I still think it was not Frank.

Kruse got something out of this game. The Roar lost a lot. For a start, this was their big chance against GC and they will barely get a team on the park. But there was signs of something more - deeper - a team in which its stars thought it was a good idea to play foul. As an analyst, I would see this type of decay as a sign of real problems going forward.

Anonymous said...

ref`s may be protected too much - but they also lack the support needed, in terms of training, financial support and recruitment ...

losing shields was a blow. you gotta ask the question why he was lost. we gotta keep guys like that.

but on the bright side - having aussie refs working club games and internationals in the AFC might bring some more good refs through.

but back to the game - and operation get kruse ... if the senior players have too much influence, it all goes back to the coach for letting them have too much influence. i know, they get none of the praise when things go right (players win games), and all the blame when it all goes wrong (coaches lose them). frank is the top dog in the locker room, and if there is a problem, he is the one that has to take care of it.


john said...

Thanks Clayton

In season 1 I wrote to the FFA suggesting marquee refs. They agreed it was a good but said they couldn't afford it. Last year they brought in an advisor - another Dutchman I think - but this appears to have not been continued.

Perhaps the old saying about you get what you pay for rings true?

orangecrush said...

John - don't understand why you think 1-1 would be fair. MV hit the cross-bar and the post, not to mention the tap-in Fab would have had if Archie were not so selfish. At the other end - a shot from Tiatto that went wide and one from Miller that hit Henrique. 3-1 at least ..


Anonymous said...

i thought 2 - 1 was fair ...

the composure and skill needed to put the ball into the back of the net is pretty important imho.


john said...

because I'm a fan?