Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Facebook type entry

I am nearly over hearing that Brisbane decided to loose Tiatto for a week and Miller for 2 in retaliation for Kruse sending some text messages to them.

Gee how weak the Roar's state must be if someone like Kruse can put them off their game so easily?

Bit of a shame really.

A man in his mid/late 30s punching a 20 year old because they said things that they don't like isn't the way to get parents to take their kids to an expensive soccer match. Do they know that now?

Adults losing their temper in public doesn't help either.


Hamish said...

But of all the things that happened on the field last Saturday night, the Roar management singled out Tiatto's finger for a fine.

What the boys - Danny, Craig, Josh and Charles - did to Robbie was disgusting. Danny's finger to the Melbourne crowd was nothing but a bit of character. If it was offensive, why did it get replayed?

Did the FFA get one letter of complaint about Danny's finger?

Did one parent say, "goodness Johnny, I hope you didn't see that, we won't be watching any A-League any more"?

Mind you, as you say, there's reasons why a parent might wonder, but Danny's finger wasn't one of them.

Is the Roar targeting the Mormons?

It's called false morality, and it stinks.

The Roar should have fined the lot of them for letting a childish vendetta compromise the Roar's game and competitive chances beyond the game. They fined Danny for gesticulating.

And Robbie Kruse? Well, Robbie Kruse came of age as a player that night. He won the mind game, against old pros. They had a go and they were left with blood on both their hands and their noses. And he did it in front of his new fans, who of course will love him for it. He'll also have immediately gained the respect of his new team mates.

It's easy to miss, with the recriminations and speculation about the Roar, that it was Robbie's night.

Ed said...

Could not agree more Hamish, not just the BCLub - the media also seemed fixated with Tiatto's "gesture" while virtually ignoring the violence??

john said...

Thanks Hamish and Ed

I think Ange P on Fox Sports pointed out that their were better players than Kruse to target and I agree. The Roar made Kruse a hero. Why wouldn't he (or anyone else) leave Brisbane if they behave like that.

On the funny side, I'm not going to target the Mormons.