Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here is how Fox Sports covered a Perth player who king hit an Adelaide player...

"Andy is a model professional and has been outstanding for Perth since arriving in Western Australia this year. We're looking forward to him returning in time for our next home game on November 1."

Both clubs have also been cited by the match review panel for misconduct during the match and have until Wednesday to challenge the charges. '

Todd punched Jamieson (one of Australia's best young defenders) on the way off the pitch.

Hey Miller, how would you have liked this treatment?

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orangecrush said...

Jameison has got more bad publicity than Todd - for "being one of the A-leagues most hated players" and for "mouthing off".

Fox commentators are pitiful (apart from Boznich). Why can't we have a decent show like the EPL show with Tommy Smith?