Saturday, October 24, 2009

Melbourne3 v Adelaide 1

My guess is Melbourne or Sydney now. Melbourne have been able to bar far too many good players. How do they get them all within the cap. Well of course they don't. Special deals to allow Muscat to be paid outside the cap because he is really a or the coach - or neither. $1m transfer deals. And wow 2 great Asian players. Plus 19 year old - 2 goals tonight - Mate Dugandzic. Why do they even need the injured Kruse (shows how foolish the Roar were for targeting him (and ending their season).

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orangecrush said...

I still don't rate Sydney. They have lost the same number of games as the Fury and if they were to lose on Sunday, they would have lost the most games of any team.

The weirdness of the A-league is shown by the fact that approaching the season's halfway mark, the team with the fewest defeats is sitting last!! Bizarre?