Sunday, December 13, 2009

The ref said this was a dive


Bill said...

Pretty blatant shove from Barbiero... not exactly the first time an A-League ref has got a call wrong though

john said...

Hey Bill how are you?

I said hello to Vidmar before the game. He was very happy to have a fan acknowledge him - even if I was in orange (got it on video, like my new nano?)

Hamish said...

As Bill says, this sort of bad decision happens all the time, and in all reality we can expect it to continue to do so, to some extent, forever, as it does in every league.

What you've done here though could be important, and perhaps bloggers in general should try to emulate you. You've recorded the bad decision, with a video of it. I wish we had such good records of many decisions we've seen in the last few years, along with details on further decisions the review board made, and the like. This would be even more valuable and interesting if someone made a habit of it, and juxtaposed decisions of a) games from the same round, b) games by the same referee and c) decisions involving a particular team, or player.

Anyway, thanks again. You've inspired me.

john said...

Thanks Hamish
As Mike Slater wrote recently, Fox Sports have given up any criticism of refs. This is bad because it should be out in the open and we can change it or accept it. It is up to us, one way or another we own these teams. We lend them to owners, managers, coaches, players and the FFA.