Sunday, December 06, 2009

Perth 1 v Brisbane 1: Donkey Kong is King

Brisbane dominated large sections of this game. It was played in the afternoon Perth heat. Fox recon they have no say in the draw, yet playing in the sun in summer is just crazy. And dangerous and more than half the players on the pitch succumbed to some level of fatigue.

David Dodd was the stand out player.

Perth disappointed. For such a quality squad it is hard to understand why they are so content to just bang it long.

Brisbane went ahead early in the second half and kept attacking. However, the last 15 minutes were Perth's as Brisbane wilted in the heat.

Great game from the Roar. Brattan got 10 minutes and looks good. Zullo was great on return. Van Dijk have some fantastic touches and forced Tando to punch over the bar from deep in the Roar's half.

Devere scored his first goal. Harnwell forced a mistake from McMaster (went through his hands) to make it level.

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