Thursday, December 24, 2009

Go Clive: Have a read of this:

Sydney Morning Herald:

'Never a big fan of Verbeek, Palmer says he has ''had enough'' of what he claims is the Dutchman's continued assault on the domestic league, maintaining the majority of club owners shared the same view but didn't ''have the guts to say it''.' (Mike Cockerill)


'''That's our national team, not his. Pim needs to remember who's paying his wages. It's the mums and dads of Australia, not the mums and dads of Holland. There's a question of duty and responsibility, and the FFA have got to reprimand him. ''The main criterion for any national coach should be to foster the game here in Australia. Football is not just about the World Cup, it's also about making the A-League the best it can possibly be. ''I've had enough of him, it's the last straw. What he's saying is totally over the top, a disgrace. The owners, we all talk about it, but no one else has the guts to say it.

''He's setting the wrong example, and if he was working for me, I'd sack him.''

I can't believe it, I'm with Clive. Who will pick up the pieces if the Socceroos go out in the first round?

By the way, Clive says he isn't selling.

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