Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brisbane 0 v Adelaide 1: Crushed

And that was just the impact on the fans. The lowest crowd (5,800) ever for the Roar - the second in succession - reflects that the fans have given the new regime at the club a massive thumbs down.

The game never really rose above park football. It was back to season one for the Roar.

There are only 3 home games left this year. And Moore has said he is going in January which could make Wednesday's game his last - ever - for the Roar.

A new coach has come in with some fairy tail plan that the youngsters would save him and Craig Moore would stay. Well you may be able to convince yourself of that, but you cannot convince a hardened entertainment audience used to winners like the Broncos and Lions. The fans are just plain not thinking about the Roar anymore. This will influence the players and prospective players for next year.

What are you going to do FFA?

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