Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Charlie Miller update

Miller met with Clive Palmer. Palmer wanted Miller to play against the Roar 26 December on the Coast. The FFA said no. He can't play for another team in the A-League until January (this stops players doing what Miller did - bailing out mid season - who is advising this guy?). To play for Gold Coast - Miron must axe one of his foreign players.

NQ Fury, the most likely home for Miller, apparently said no thanks. I think that is generally the mood among owners and coaches. He is just not worth the risk of trouble.

By the way, FFA taking over Gold Coast ticketing has not been as successful as Miron's own efforts with only around 4,000 turning up in prime time last week. The Roar have been roped into offering 2 supporters bays for 26 December. Before the start of the season Roar fans would have signed up in truckloads. But now there is a lot of ill feeling - particularly about Frank Farina's exit - and it is hard to see it being a big success. The day after Christmas will not help.

A lot of Roar fans have really become former fans. And even the diehards feel ill treated.

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