Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gold Coast 5 v Brisbane 1: Club Killer

Unbearable really.

Skilled Park is a much better place to play A-League than Suncorp. 10,000 there sounded like 30,000 at Suncorp. Brisbane - if it is to survive - needs a new home ground.

Amazingly, there were more than 2 people in orange for every 1 in yellow. Perhaps even 3 to 1. Given the 10,000 crowd this would suggest say 7,000 Roar supporters to 3,000 for the Gold Coast.

It was like a Brisbane home game. And for most of the first half Gold Coast were at sea. Jeered and laughed at (for having no fans) at home.

The Brisbane supporters did their bit. Pity about the performance of the club and some of the players in the second half.

Even Ange gets it: 'Postecoglou said. “We’re very disappointed but I think it just shows were we are as a football club at the moment.' So what is the plan to change it?

'We believe the club is headed for an exciting future and that 2010 will bring very big things on and off the pitch.' Brisbane CEO Peter McLennon. Yeah really? So why is it a secret?

Tiatto came on for a cameo and was the best on the park. Sadly, it has become clear through the season that Craig Moore is well past his best.

When your fans turn out you must perform. Brisbane were embarrassing in the second half.

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