Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now they are in Pim's squad...

Tommy Oar being in Pim's squad is not necessarily good news for Brisbane fans. Now they are suggesting he leaves in January.

Where else does this happen to players a team wants to keep?

Players who have left mid-season:
- Robbie Kruse
- Charles Miller
- Liam Reddy

Players who may leave before seasons end to get into World Cup squad:
- Craig Moore (has said he is not playing next year)
- Matt McKay (tried China at the end of last year)
- Tommy Oar (being told to go to Europe - thanks guys)

6 out of 23. Oopps.

Players who may leave before next season:
- Sergio Van Dijk (if you are going please leave the A-League)
- Griffin McMaster (off contract and Ange is actively seeking a new keeper - poor reward for hard work)
- Danny Tiatto (will retire)
- Bob Malcolm (goodbye
- Josh McLoughan (much less game time than previous years)

That's 11 out of 23.

Players off contract at seasons end:
- Reinaldo
- Michael Zullo (decided to stay at Roar youth Marquee for one more season. Given he has had limited game time, may stay?)

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