Sunday, December 13, 2009

Looking at the problem from another direction (Please only play teams twice next year)

With 8 teams playing each other 3 times 'Queensland Roar' had 9 or 10 home games per season.

Now there are 10 teams including 3 'Queensland' teams playing 13 or 14 home games per season.

The home Queensland games have gone up by 4 times, from 9 or 10 to 39 or 42 home games.

Did anyone think about whether this might work particularly when:

1. 'The Roar' were already not getting enough people through the gate to even cover the stadium hire.

2. NQ Fury had to pull the same crowd level as the, local and well established, rugby league team to breakeven.

3. The Gold Coast sporting market is over-crowded and getting more so.

Players used to whinge about only having a 21 game season - not getting enough game time to develop form. Now what? They all get injured and can't make it through another 8 games (27). Actually, last year it was clear that fans were already yawning about seeing teams more than once.

FFA - first step - next year each team plays only twice! With 11 teams next year that will mean 20 games. That is the right number for these markets. Particularly as FFA is insisting on continuing to start the season early.

Who is doing their research? hmmm maybe no-one.

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