Saturday, December 19, 2009

Central Coast 2 V Brisbane 3

Justice prevailed but it took a while. The ref was only playing his second game and it showed. I think refing needs to be consistent through the season. If it was Matt Simon would have been lucky to stay on the park. As it was he didn't even concede a yellow card for the foul that had Luke DeVere leave the field early. This meant Brisbane's pace strategy was undone.

Brilliant goals from Oar on 10 minutes and Van Dijk (how are we going to keep him?) on 20 minutes put the game in Brisbane's pocket. CCM were actually poor up past the half hour. Then Craig Moore had a brain snap and passed the ball to a CCM striker for an easy goal. Anti-Roar commentator Andy Harper tried to blame McMaster but it couldn't be escaped. I am not sure that Moore is playing anywhere near well enough to get to the World Cup (of course we want him to).

From about 10 minutes into the second half CCM began to dominate. Simon and others kept whizzing past Franjk on the right (Zullo looks brilliant at left back). The goal was coming. But when it did, suddenly Brisbane had new energy - particularly Franjk who won the free kick (I think it was Oar) that led to a 'goal mouth scramble' then a power drive (poledriver) from Matt McKay's left foot.

Mitch came on late for Henrique. Made some great touches and passes and got into great spaces. But he needs to practice his shooting. Someone compared him to Holman - I think that is right.

Great win for Brisbane against a CCM who overall looked a bit thuggish. They are better when they play football.


Ed Vegas said...

Woops -when your comparison level drops from Cahill to Holman its time for a rethink! We need Mitch back to his best.

Love the idea of Zullo and Oar down the left, but how long will Zullo be content playing at left back? I would hate to loose him - Oar is a fantastic player but I'm a massive Zullo fan and he goes at defenders better than Oar. I've alwys been impressed with his willingness to work back and tackle, but left back full time... its a position which we have never really filled but will he be happy there?

Sounded like an amazing match - I could not get the net to work (I'm in the mountains in north vietnam near the chinese border. Can see the games in Hanoi but not up here.

john said...

Thanks Ed
Zullo looked great at left back. Frank Farina has come out and said it was his idea. So there you are.

You need to get up the top of one of those mountains.

I have just seen Avartar 3D - fantastic.