Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brisbane 2 v NQ Fury 0: the answer

If Brisbane are to stay at Suncorp, and the FFA are negotiating to do so, they must both have someone of the quality of Robby Fowler and win.

That was the lesson from last night as 11,500 people turned up. This included 3,000 walk ups (without a purchase ticket), catching the stadium manager off guard and leading to queues for tickets.

The first half was great. And the crowd made the difference. It was a great atmosphere. Almost nostalgic. And in stark contrast to the Adelaide game.

NQ Fury were right in it until former Roar Dave Williams came off with an injury - he had been setting up NQF with runs down their left and good crosses. Then the Roar scored almost immediately with Henrique setting up Van Dijk from the far right. Both Van Dijk's goals were from him out running the central defender - wow.

Second half was tamer. Some great runs and crosses from Oar and Zullo. Just to like in the past, Miller could have made in 10. Fowler was well under control - in the second half he had to track back well into his own half. But it was mostly long balls from NQF. Did Moore take out Fowler in the box?

Poor Mitch found himself one-on-one with the keeper in heaps of space and couldn't get it in.

We played 5 under 5 foot - Murdocca, McKay (who is still injured), Oar, Zullo, and Henrique. They were pushed around but showed great skill.

Brisbane totally outclassed NQF. Brisbane need to buy a Robbie Fowler - lots of Liverpool shirts - 6,000 at least extra on a week night.

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