Sunday, December 13, 2009

Not great news for Brisbane fans

'Gold Coast United CEO, Clive Mensink, thanked Football Federation Australia (FFA) for their due diligence in approving Miller’s registration in time for the clash with the Jets this Sunday. “FFA have been very cooperative and understanding with us throughout this process and we thank them for their guidance,” Mensink said. “We are very happy to have signed Charlie and we’re glad that his considerable talent will still be seen in the Hyundai A-League.”' Gold Coast website

I think is very sad for Brisbane fans. Who would thought a club that wanted to build its fan base would allow this to happen. Seems to me that want they - the club - want is very conflicted. Something about not drinking and being well behaved. Who knows? I would like them to explain.

I went to the Brisbane Roar Christmas party to hear more about what was going on. It is for members that pay a premium on their season tickets and occurred before Miller left. I went because they advertised that the Chair and and the Coach would do presentations to fans. Guess what? They didn't even turn up and there was no explanation.


Anonymous said...

Lovely train crash down there in Brisbane (it is down from where I am sitting in Japan). Of course, there are a couple of train wreck clubs atm, but I guess that doesn`t make it any nicer knowing you have company.

Your posts fill my head with random questions.

What was Oudendyke like? Who are the board members still involved?

Are Queensland Lions still involved with the Roar?


Bill said...

The way I see it, every club goes through stuff like this at some stage. I hope the Roar can get through this patch of turbulence and start bringing the fans through the gates again...

john said...

Maybe. This is what Frank fixed for the Roar. When he was sacked the ABC radio had 2 days straight of coverage - it was virtually their only coverage this year and there has been nothing since. Frank is a hero here. My take is that the fans have had enough.