Monday, August 03, 2009

Very Happy (a coaching story)

Three years as coach. Three years in the finals. And still 4 games to go. A real upset to miss now. And we did it the hard way - a fully graded team (not stacked like a number of clubs do to collect silverware - don't see the point). A full spectrum of skills and skill gaps.

I realise it isn't me. Or just me.

I know my weaknesses as a coach. I get others in to cover my weaknesses. I share their victories. And I am getting to know my strengths. Team building and motivation. Essentially it is a service life. That's the reward.

Anyway I get to spend a lot of time with my son. Without trying too hard. Not too uncool.

Oh and the A-League definitely helped. For example, I watched my son do an 'Ante Milicic' - run down the wing with a defender, tread on the ball but keep running, then double back and shoot. In this case he had gone wide, and crossed the ball on the goal line for one of his team mates to kick once, twice before it went in - that player's first ever goal. Magic. Congratulated his dad. That is certainly part of the reward.

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