Monday, August 17, 2009

Brisbane Roar Update

Brisbane Roar could be without 8 plus of its 23 person squad in September as injury and U20 World Cup bites deep.

There is hope that Tiatto will be fit for half a game. But Murdocca and Packer will be out. It is also likely that McCloughan will be out for a few weeks. Reinaldo hasn't been sighted yet. Also MIller has looked quite slow in the two cameos he has played (is he fit?).

Then there is the 4 to 6 players who will head out for the junior world cup. Will Brisbane even have a team?

And Gold Coach mercenaries are complaining about Minniecon.


Ed said...

Perhaps Brattan will get a run, would not mind seeing that.

john said...

Thanks Ed
he is trying to fix his visa so he can fly off too (born in England and lived here also all his life - I think).

Also Frank will not let them play until he thinks they are good and ready. Best in the league at that.