Sunday, August 30, 2009

Newcastle 1 v Gold Coast 0 - ha

Now Sydney FC can take top spot and Culina will miss next week on Socceroo duty. Although tricky diver Robson will be back for GC.

But brilliant. The team, who stole Brisbane's fans, beaten.

Newcastle got 1o behind the ball and held GC out. I watched the second half - as perhaps the pivotal game of the season emerged. The replays of Newcastle's 40th minute goal showed some spectacular work.

I wonder how long before they sell a few more players?

Well done Newcastle. Brilliant.


Ed said...

Jets did brilliantly - they may even ahve had more genuine chances, despite playing on the counter at home.

Hamish said...

Didn't catch it but brilliant news. Newcastle is now, even if just until the euphoria fades, my second team.

john said...

Thanks Ed and Hamish

Culina was very frustrated!!!
Why aren't you lot playing like the Dutch 1st division? Ha.

AFR magazine had an interesting story on Mr Palmer and how he made his money on Friday.

Hamish said...

Did you see the 60 Minutes last night on Palmer and "his" soccer revolution? Literally made out that the reason junior soccer is so huge is because of Palmer's dream. Mind you I like the dream - to make soccer Australia's national sport!

Neil said...


Didn't you realise that Clive Palmer invented football in Queensland . . . no make that Australia.

As for the Gold Coast stealing your fans - I don't they took that many.

john said...

Thanks Hamish and Neil
Mr Palmer is on a massive PR push. He was on the front of the AFR mag this week. The 2nd mag cover this year.

Soccer is the means to his end, not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

we are still looking at the team most likely to win the silver thingies at the end of the season though.

brisbane has got bigger problems with its fans than gold coast methinks. pricing, timing.