Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brisbane RFC 1 v CCM 0 - right 3rd time

A great performance from Henrique whose combinations with Miller, Van Dijk and Kruse tore up CCM. I thought Kruse also did well. And Mundy was much improved. DeVere was given license to go a long way forward on the right.

David Dodd had a great game after coming on early for McKay who sustained a nasty injury. Dodd is looking better this year and doing better than his brother Karl at the Fury.

Great goal from a well placed McKay corner for Craig Moore to head in.

CCM look ineffectual up front. The once great Simon and Mrjda had little.

This is what Brisbane were meant to do last week but ended up looking timid. Tiatto lasted the game and played well. he may have to give up so much of the spectacular to keep his legs going.

Malcolm continues as a disappointment. Seems to give away a foul with every tackle.


Hamish said...

Despite the record low crowd it was strangely a really upbeat atmosphere at Suncorp Stadium. From where we were in 303 there was hilarity and fun yobo annotations to the play.

Was the crowd laughing at itself? It truly looked and felt pathetic. Anyway it was strangely fun. The ironic laughter of a defeated soul?

john said...

Never defeated Hamish!

And we won.

I felt the lowest point was pre-game.

By the time time they come around again the NRL/AFL will be just about over. Plus that is the last of the crazy 3pm starts.

Perhaps there is something in the crowd, and players, seeing themselves in daylight that makes it all seem like a training match.

I had always thought that when I had seen similar timed games on TV.

Ed said...

think the crowd was less than 6500, but there was a real feel good vibe (after the goal was scored anyway). The home end even did a rendition of "lean on me" during time added on.

Cant agree re Dodd - he is awfull every touch goes ten meters and he elads with his shoulder everytime giving away fouls in the process - as soon as he came on he gave away a foul in the same place as he did against melbourne for Hernandez to score - lucky CCM dont have hernandez ;)

The forwards were all great but SVD was fantastic - he seems to be getting better and better.

The big question is can the Roars do it without M&M... it will be very tough.

john said...

Thanks Ed
the guy who sits in front of me is so happy Murdocca is out ha ha

Hamish said...

Ed, I missed the song, but love the sound of it. "Lean On Me" would work well, it seems to me. Are people committed to trying to get it to catch on?

Ed said...

Hamish - I really like the lean on me thing, it could become one of those club folklore things that will start to define the club's identity.

There was what I can only assume was a spontanious outbreak of it last season when the Roar beat Glory 4-0 to grab thier first win at home for the season. I have not heard it since till this weekend. Would be cute if it developed into a tradition only to be sung at the first home win of each season lol.