Thursday, August 20, 2009

And many more empty stadiums to come?

It will be interesting to see how the FFA reacts. Clearly the A-League governance structure is now under attack from within. The FFA are likely to pay the price of their lack of attention to detail in fostering the growth of the A-League, womens' league, youth competitions and general game and entertainment development.

Their attention appears to have been elsewhere.

It doing so they have allowed into the competition a club that thinks it is clever to hire the best players and then limit their home crowd to 5,000. Virtually ensuring failure of the league's expansion after only one home game for that team.

The press, the Courier Mail, are also reporting threats to take the game's match review panel to court. This could be a rouse to scare the panel into a positive decision after a suspension decision was suspended until next week. If so, what a way to do it! Threaten the FFA's fundamental authority of the whole league. Every other club has had to cop bad and mediocre decisions and fines for 4 years. Now an owner is bigger than the league.

Instead of bringing Gold Coast into the league and growing both the Brisbane and Gold Coast interest, GCU have actively undermined Brisbane's crowd. And now apparently, their own.

Let's have a look at one of these franchise arrangements. Surely there must be some protection in them for the A-League?

FFA had another offer on the table for Gold Coast Galaxy FC. The bid leaders thought they had, or were close to a deal, when FFA announced that another proponent - also backed by Miron - would now take the franchise. Is the FFA now sorry it turned the first bidders away?

What is the future for GCUFC? How is Jason Culina feeling about turning his back on a major international career for this?


Archives said...

Clive Palmer should be sued for being fat and ugly, which brings the game into disrepute.

Anonymous said...

clive palmer has worse features than being fat and ugly.

i started mulling over a little theory - clive didn`t buy into the a-league, he`s bought into the asian champions league.

methinks the big man`s ambition isn`t to own a super duper football club, or win the a-league, it is to use his club to make connections and hobnob in asia when his team goes into asian competition.

so the crowds don`t matter. winning the prem`s plate and getting some games against east asian opponents (especially chinese) does matter.


john said...

thanks Hamish - did you read frank in the C-M today?

Thanks honourable Clayton - from the start he said he wanted to get into the ACL as part of his wider interests, so yes.