Sunday, August 09, 2009

Miron was right

The A-League is all about entertainment. Miron said this all through his Roar tenure.

Miron and Frank embraced after the game last night. Miron would have known exactly the pressures the game would have put on the Roar coach.

Miron has proved himself to have bouncebackability. He has looked at the confinements and limitations of the A-League rules and acquired the best team in the competition - by a wide margin. Possibly by enough to go through a season undefeated. He learned some of these lessons before the A-League when the Queensland Lions dominated the Brisbane league by, each year, making sure they bought the best players.

Miron was right about money. The A-League is about spending the most money you can on players. You certainly cannot afford to lose money on a stadium. The Roar, Queensland or Brisbane, has always been confined by not spending the maximum amount allowed by the A-League. Miron said this soon after he left the Roar. He is right. If Brisbane is going to be champions, and fill its Asian destiny, it must spend more on players. And it must, every year, have world class guest players filling the maximum time slot. Because the Roar has been able to commit to taking a bigger risk, they have always had to settle for a lower reward.

In think Miron knows that Brisbane has the biggest potential (Sydney is isn't going to cut through and Melbourne has reached its potential) of any football market in Australia. If football is to grow in Australia - as an entertainment market - it must grow in Brisbane.

Gold Coast do not have to worry about return on investment. It is irrelevant to their owner. Any the sponsors will more value at the top club than any other. So the other money providers will be happy.

Miron's acquisition of Jason Culina, for the richest purse in the A-League, was a cut through decision. Last night he was dominant as a captain. Towards the end only his energy level seem to limit the number of goals he could set-up - and he seemed to have a 2 goal barrier in mind. Culina said Gold Coast could improve 30%. He may be right. If he is right and they can maintain their squad, they will win the ACL.

Culina was key because, together with the brochures and wining and dining, he brought credibility that has led a host of players to accept less money than they would if they had signed for another A-League club - and many gave up opportunities worth a lot more overseas.

If Miron did think the key to the Gold Coast's success was winning Brisbane based fans, then he was right. He will have to, at least, come up to Brisbane's southern dormitory (which he has at Rochdale) and then push north. Miron believed Brisbane fans would come to watch winners.

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