Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gold Coast 5 v NQ Fury 0: walkover

Smeltz got 4 and Minniecon 1. Any score was possible. Fury's back 4 are just not good enough.

But neither is Gold Coast's fan base. How do all these stars feel about playing for less than they are worth and in front of a one third full stadium? And the pitch was very, very poor. How about spending some millions on that.

Miron recons he is buying Socceroo Michael Beauchamp. Amazing how all this is done inside the salary cap. Particularly, when other teams are clearing struggling to get depth to their squads.

Fowler had a good touch early but the opportunity was squandered. From then on he hardly got a touch. Neither did Dave Williams. Is this going to show case his career potential? The Robbie Fowler cash'e is almost gone. Particularly when he executes an upside-down head kick.

Gold Coast are brilliant. But few are watching. Fury are poor and maybe everyone will be watching.

How did FFA let this happen? Far too laissez faire. FFA left too much to chance.

Given Clive Palmer is behind both teams now, perhaps the two squads should be shuffled. There are 2 good A-League teams there. No doubt.

And Fury showed how good Brisbane's performance was last week. A lot of the time they had Gold Coast on the back foot.

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