Sunday, August 23, 2009

Brisbane RFC 1 v Wellington PFC 1: Very disappointing

Very disappointing.

I knew the crowd would be low. And that favours the opposition. You could see see the disappointment on the players faces as came to Brisbane's lowest ever crowd.

While market development is the clubs' responsibility, this reflects a poor governance model for football's positioning in Australia. And the FFA sets the times of the games with Fox Sports. or the other way round. A 3pm game is the wrong time in the sub-tropics and did not favour the Roar who are reliant on Europeans. Next week's 3pm start will be worse. A Saturday start.

Frank was reported as saying that Brisbane would need to be less cavalier in order to ensure that that they won games when they went ahead. Today I heard him telling Robbie Kruse to 'get back'. They tried to get 10 or later 11, then 10 again every time they lost possession. And in the second half that was most of the time. Brisbane just looked like they were learning a new game. At the back it was rubbish.

Did Bob Malcolm really play for Rangers? He is certainly nowhere near as good as Sasa Ogenovski. He is big and lumbering - slow. A lot of holding. A lot of needless free kicks.

Charlie Miller had his first start for the season. While he played Henrique in to set-up the goal, he looked slow and hot. And this is only the start. How is he going to go in the far north?

The 'Street' are talking down Brisbane. So far they have been right. Still, if Brisbane had played as good as they did last week, the would have won. They made Wellington look good. I think Wellington will play off with the Fury for the wooden spoon. Let's hope Brisbane aren't down there too.

Van Dijk was great. he was up front and lonely. But he won just about everything. Henrique was also great.


Ed said...

Agreed - Van Dijk and Henrique were the only players who did well. The crowd was just pathetic :(

Neil said...

3pm on a Sunday afternoon is a perfect time for getting a good crowd. Quite frankly there is no real excuse for people not turning up.

Ed said...

Perhaps Culina talking down the league is not helping? (yes I do blame GCU for everything). Brisbane crowd are fickle - they like to see a win before they turn up.

Anonymous said...

brisbane crowds are fickle ... just like our mates down there in sydney.

or is the brisbane management just really bad at reaching out to brisbane`s football community? eh, i dunno.

is wellington underappreciated? i was watching the perth v newc game on sunday rather than bris v welly.

even though i think welly is a competent side more than capable of taking 3 points of brisbane ... i chose to watch the perth game cos i wanted to get a first look at sterjovski in the a-league.


Ed said...

John - whats up with your man Mitch - seems a little out of sorts, grumpy, inefective and dare I say.. carrying a few more pounds?

Anonymous said...

talking of poor crowds - what are the ticket prices like atm?

hmmm - and nicholls was sent home from the last u20s get together


john said...

Thanks Ed, Neil, and Clayton

The Qld expansion and pushing the season into pre-finals NRL time has been a disaster. It is the FFAs fault and was predictably. The biggest problem is Fury - Fowler has been found to be not enough to make a difference and by the time the heat kicks in to make a difference it will be too late. GC have stolen 30% to 50% of Brisbane's fans - this was achieved by cut price ticketing, geographic proximity, and offering a better product (the best money can buy) - and GC has no interest in developing its own fans.

Brisbane is in financial trouble but its owners will not let go - just when they needed to spend to keep-up, some of its players should have been replaced, injuries have hit..

Mitch is OK - Frank is making him defend. He has bought the wrong team if he wants 10 behind the ball.

john said...

Prices are locked in by the preseason charge to season ticket holders. Again Brisbane is not the only club to lack skills, but then FFA is even worse - gauging at the Celtic game led to a disappointing crowd.

Top prices:
Adult $45.00
Family - 2 Adult and 2 Juniors $135.00
Junior aged 4-15 years $30.00
Pensions, seniors, full time students $38.00
1 Adult, 1 Junior $70.00

Bottom prices
Adult $27.00
Family - 2 Adult and 2 Juniors $75.00
Junior aged 4-15 years $18.00
Pensions, seniors, full time students $23.00
1 Adult, 1 Junior $42.00

Usman Azad said...

Perth Glory crowds are exactly the same - fickle, unless the team whallops someone 4-0, you can't expect a big crowd at MES...

john said...

Welcome Usman

There is certainly an element of that - only supporting a winning team. And why not, it is the A-League's challenge to provide a product that can justify a 52,000 seat stadium. So far it has not. And I mean product in the very broad sense. The Broncos and the Brisbane Lions have fantastic winning records. The ALF gave the Lions a massive subsidy and player selection advantages in its early years to ensure it built a fan base. The FFA must respond to that.

Allowing a club like Gold Coast to have a product says we will win everything and we will win the league, and we don't care about crowd support is an issue the FFA must address.

Then next game, 3pm this Saturday will be a challenge for even me to get too as it clashes with my coaching time.

Anonymous said...

as newcomers to an established competition ... there were justifications for special treatment.

but is there any justification for special treatment in the a-league, where everyone is starting out at the same time?

brisbane hasn`t failed on the pitch ... made the playoffs and the semis, almost got the premier`s plate. will be in the mix for a playoff spot again this year.

been a decent side over the first 4 years. if people demand more success than thats being a tad greedy imho.


john said...

Probably right Clayton
Just looking for an explanation of what could be signs of a dramatic slide in support through the lens of the local competition for the weekend entertainment dollar - remember the Broncos, after St George (I think), are the winningest team in ARL, the Lions were underwritten to 3 flags and GCFC AFL club will get the first 15 draft spots. The other codes know how to develop their key market segments - and ignor traditional fans and fairness - for the financial good of their code.