Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Notes from the Press Conference...

I admit I laughed when I saw the cardboard cut out. But Frank made it very clear it was not his idea.

After some 'interviewed questions' - a lot seemed to be about how long the preseason was - the journalists were invited up front to ask questions. All the questions seemed to be about Miron and Clive's stand.

It is very clear that everyone except Miron and Clive at the Gold Coast is very confused about what the club is trying to achieve. Very confused. It is only thing getting airplay about the game and no one understands it.

Jason Culina did not turn up so his replacement, former Melbourne Victory Socceroo Michael Thwaite was asked why. He said Jason went to Sydney yesterday and has an event tomorrow so he decided not to come 'or that is what he said anyway.' Gold Coast marketing asked Michael to go but they didn't know what he should say to the obvious questions. The only questions.

Paul Okon said that yes he did want Gold Coast fans to come to Brisbane as it will be a frightening place with all orange. But he could not explain Clive's stand. And I think he was trying to say that Clive had spent a lot of money on the Gold Coast club and therefore he should come and watch them.

ABCTV News had a grab from Frank - 'disgraceful'. But what he really said was he didn't expect Gold Coast to promote Brisbane but everyone did expect them to promote the A-League and it was disgraceful that they were not.

Craig Moore said he was only interested in playing and did not care what Gold Coast were banging on about.

And that is the point, no one knows what Gold Coast's point is. My guess is that at least they want to keep the crowd below Skilled Stadium capacity so they can say 'see should been our game'. But I think there is more to it and it is more cynical.

By the way, I encouraged Paul to takeover soon. Got a good laugh. Very few don't want it to happen soon.

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