Saturday, August 15, 2009

Melbourne 3 v Brisbane 3: Tiatto's game

Danny Tiatto had to go off just before half time. Brisbane were up by 2 (1-3). His departure changed the game. Before that he had been everywhere and dominated the defensive mid-field and then opened the scoring with a cracker from wide-left and outside the box. A minute later and Henrique goes down in the box, penalty - great kick from Van Dijk - no one is saving that. A brilliant response from Hernandes (1-2). And then a break-away and step-overs from Henrique and great finish for 1-3.

A big fair play question is Henrique. He seems to be a faker if not a diver. Which is unfortunate.

But after half time, without Tiatto, the lack of depth from Brisbane showed. As David Dodd struggled to make and impact. I wondered about the second goal where Melbourne chose to ignore Archie Thompson on the ground for about 5 minutes of their possession. Was it fair play? I felt he was interrupting play as Melbourne passed around him. I was surprised the ref didn't stop the game.

Two more great goals from Allsopp and then Hernandes. 3-3. Brisbane couldn't finish a few opportunities.

Still a great game. Fox Sports said the best A-League game ever. I am not sure. But these are the best 2 teams after Gold Coast. And they have double the fans. Still under 19,000 turned up. What are you going to do FFA?

This result will boost Brisbane's 3pm game next Sunday v Wellington. Too early FFA - and the following week, v CCM at 3pm Saturday clashes with junior games around Brisbane. The planning isn't great.


Hamish said...

Yep Tiatto was brill. Do you know why he came off? And Dodd was a Dud.

Best game of the A-League? I guess there was passages of good play, but it was still pretty sloppy I reckon. The Fox commentators need to watch some good games from other leagues.

All fun though. The draw was deserved, and I didn't for a second think that Brisbane had it.

Hamish said...

Henrique may be a faker/diver as you say, but I was convinced by his pain when he had the ball kicked hard as it sat on his solar plexus. As any martial artist knows (and no I'm not one) even being hit modestly in that point not only winds a person, but makes the same unable to breathe for about a minute (thus his pointing to his windpipe).

The replay and his actions were completely consistent with this injury, which does indeed last for a few minutes at most.

I felt for him. It bloody canes.

Neil said...

My question will the FFA have the balls and seriously look at Henrique's falling over in the penalty area to get the penalty. Have no issues with his other actions - no one could blame for him that one.
As for Thompson on the ground why should they stop - they had the momentum and the Roar on the back foot.
And speaking of Thompson, a yellow card for falling down in the box and wasn't even claiming a penalty. The man got straight up.
An unusually poor reffing performance from a ref many consider the best going around.

john said...

Thanks Hamish and Neil
The play on issue is about what is expected and acceptable. Just after it happened Melbourne took the ball back into their own half. It was a bit like shepherding.
If the FFA takes no action against Fowler for his kick to the face, then they should not re0ref any part of any game.

Hamish - Tiatto has a chronic back problem, he also has a hamstring problem. Radio V was asked about it at half time and said 'old age'. Not sure that Bob Malcolm is as good as we'd hoped. He seems slow.

Jury is out on Henrique. I had to call him because I have called Robson - who is a diver/faker. He has flashes of brilliance. Can't wait for Reinaldo/Henrique combinations.

Ed said...

I agree with hamish - Henrique was clearly having trouble breathing - thus pointing to his windpipe -the serve Andy harper gave him was completely out of line.

Neil- The Pen was not even controversial - clear cut -his feet were far too quick for kemp.

Craker of a game- never though Roars had it either (know them too well!)