Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gold Coast for sale

Gold Coast have put together an amazing squad. Probably better than any other team. How have they done it with the salary cap and rules?

Well they do have a few journeymen who were cheaper. And clearly Jason Culina (outside the cap) has made a lifestyle choice. But apart from that, it has been done because most of the squad is for sale and on its way somewhere else. Not great for fans. But in this case a winning formula.

Jonas Salley coming and going without starting. Then there was Smeltz who has made it he is looking for more. Then Adam Griffiths has left for mega bucks in the Middle East. And clearly Robson can earn more than our cap allows - although a couple of 2 match bans for diving may stuff his plans - and is likely to go when the better offer comes.

However, on Gold Coast's side is contract law - which they are great at. And the carrot of this year's title and next year's ACL. Probably means the musical chairs will keep going.

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