Saturday, August 01, 2009

Trouble in Surfers Paradise...

I wonder what Jason Culina is thinking. I think is getting a little concerned.

He gave up a spot at a very professional club with a great reputation and a guaranteed spot in the Socceroos for the World Cup 2010. He was even warned not to do it by the coach of the Socceroos. But I understand he spoke to a wide range of people involved in the A-League and they reassured him. His father, once again an A-League coach, also reassured him.

A key selling point. Jason was to be the centre of attention for a blockbuster derby. Perhaps the A-League's greatest. In Brisbane - a city which turns up massively for the Broncos and the Socceroos - would come to watch Jason. The first match. It was a compelling story. I think Jason bought it.

The Gold Coast gave him some flash paperwork, high class transport, the top salary in the league and other players flocked to join him. A brilliant preseason was put together. And his team beat Fulham. Winners. Looking good.

Then some strange things started to happen.

His coach, who no doubt others had warned about, started saying not turning up to A-League promotional events. Then, his owner started discouraging fans from attending the season's blockbuster game.

Don't come to the game Jason came here to play in? The one with his mate Moore in? This was the one where the fans were going to be shown how good Jason's team are.

Hang on. I think Jason would be thinking. He has played Suncorp in front of a capacity crowd. Brisbane loves Jason. And once they'd seen him with the Gold Coast - they would then follow him each game.

I also think a number of other key Australian based signings at Gold Coast are also thinking twice. Some have closed their minds because they are only there for a season - Minniecon (Europe), Smeltz (China or Europe), others are in transition to get attention for higher dollars - the Brazilians...

To get attention, hang-on they are telling the fans not to come....


Hamish said...

The response of the FFA, if an interview I saw on the World Game is any indication, is lame to the point of being farcically hilarious. The spokespman (I'm paraphrasing from memmory, but not with exageration) basically said, "Look, we know what Clive Palmer said, but we really don't think he meant it. If he did really mean what he said we'd be very dissapointed but we don't think he meant it." I'm not kidding.

Next time Farina is fined for some innocuous comment he can just say, "Couldn't you tell I didn't mean it."

john said...

Thanks Hamish
I am not really surprised. The FFA don't know how to handle him without damaging the sport.

My guess is that he is not in this for the long term.

I am not sure what SBS's game is either.