Sunday, November 28, 2010

CCM 1 v Brisbane 5 - Go-cart Mozart (Broich) - Roar now has record for most games undefeated

Book your Boxing day seat, Brisbane's next home game on 26 December against Gold Coast.

In the first half Central Coast had few answers to the Roar. Run up the right or left, cut back into the middle or top of the box. And bang 0-3 and it could have been 5.

The second half opened with perhaps the most obvious ref-linesman mistake in A-League history. You have to be offside if you stand behind the play, behind the defenders and right in front of the keeper and ball goes near your legs. Incredible.

Go-cart Mozart should have had one or 2 penalties. But the ref didn't want to take a risk when the game was so one sided.

Solorzano's 2 goals gives him 7 in his last 6 games and equal with Paul Ifil for golden boot (Ifil has some games in hand). Reinaldo came on and wanted goals - pity we haven't seen more of this. He got won and forced Wilkinson into an own goal.

Brisbane can thrash the top teams, but not Fury and Newcastle?

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