Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Brisbane 3 v Perth 2 - Ferguson there's no cure there's no answer

Glory's coach left the field arguing with the Ref. And yet the inexperienced ref had already done Glory many favours with soft decision making:

- Broich pulled down from behind (for the second game in a row) - this time he was on goal and it was the last man
- Broich fouled in the box - play on
- Ball hits Devere's shoulder - penalty
- Nichols has his leg kicked out from under him in front of an open goal

FFA is trying to give amateur refs experience - but we are mid season.

Or maybe there is a bit of trying to stop Glory totally collapsing.

Glory's back line was out-classed and they deservedly went down to 9 men. But it probably should have been 8 or 7. Josh Mitchell was up to the tricks he learnt in Romania.

On paper they have a good team. But the rely on biff and long balls. Last year's team looked better with a lower quality team.

Poor A-League fans - Robbie Fowler only on for 25 minutes and - apart from the penalty, hardly gets a touch.

So FFA, does Glory get a fine for 5 cards and get a please explain for their behaviour? Or did that only apply to Brisbane?

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