Sunday, November 14, 2010

Heart 1 v Brisbane 2 - Revolution no 9

Brisbane were done in the first half. Too many players were being carried - Stefanuto, Broich (no surprise he looked and played like he was yet lagged) and Solorzano. The Heart's goal was all Stefanuto not will to take the risk that he wouldn't keep up on the left.

Then at half time, Franjic comes on for Stef and it was all Roar - 86% possession. And shot after shot. Their basic game of punching balls through the defence for wide players to run onto. Mitch Nichols came on in the 65th for Paartalu, and the possession became domination. Within a minute Mitch had set-up Barbarouses, the culmination of a one-touch festival, Barbarouses had missed about 5 of these - this time it squeeked into the left post.

More domination. Solorzano comes alive. Heart seem to be constantly fouling to stay in the game. One too many tackles from behind, this time on Solorzano with the goal virtually open. Penalty (72 minutes) - Franjic has a long wait as Shoj is booked for something (wasting time?) - kicks it into Bolton's feet.

Mitch works more wonder. And Broich starts to get into the game for the first time. Roar have 10 shots on goal in the second half. Mitch hits the keeper. Heart scramble down the Roar end, their fans want a penalty, no. Then again in the late 80s, ball in the penalty area for a long time, but eventually shot into the side netting. Roar rebound Broich, Nicols, Franjic shoots hits the post (2nd or 3rd time for the game with Barbarouses) but Solorzano, who was behind the defence for a long time, stands still has the game moves past him, then runs in as the ball hits the post...

Solorano comes off - I thought it should be Broich - Heart pushing hard now, and Roar look tired. Viscounte gets a one-on-one with Bolton, Bolton gets a hand on the shot and Rocky cant take the second chance.

The Roar win. This is how you can win premierships. They missed Reinaldo's power up front. And he'll be back Wednesday night. Roar need to put all the pressure on Central Coast that they can. Not to mention Adelaide.


orangecrush said...

The Roar of old would have dropped that game. People are calling for Nichols and Solarzano to start - but it is the physical work of Reinaldo and the running of Murdocca that keeps the opposition under pressure early till they tire - then Mitch and Sol can run amuck in the second half.

john said...

Yes organecrush I agree.

Like when Michael Baird played a super sub role for Roar in the first season.

BTW Sefanutto re-did his leg injury and is out for at least one game.